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Interpipe Research, Industries & Investment Group
Corporation/Holding company
Founded 1990
Founder Oleksandr Dementiyenko, Viktor Pinchuk, Mykhailo Scheholevskyi, Dragan Djordjevic
Headquarters Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Area served
International (invests in industries of different countries)
Key people
Viktor Pinchuk, Gennady Gazin
Services Asset management, investment, trading and consulting
Revenue Increase $1.8 billion
Increase $256 million
Owner Oleksandr Dementiyenko, Viktor Pinchuk, Mykhailo Scheholevskyi

Interpipe Group, or simply Interpipe (Ukrainian: Науково-виробничо-інвестиційна група "Інтерпайп"), is the influential Ukrainian metallurgical mill company founded and mostly owned by the local business oligarch Viktor Pinchuk. The group focuses on the steel industry (particularly rolling), although indirectly controlling assets in various fields of industry, services and media. Interpipe is a globally important player in metal pipe (hence the name), steel wheels and ferroalloys markets.[citation needed]

Companies of the Interpipe Group are mostly situated in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast of Ukraine.

Interpipe is in business conflict with the Privat Group, also based in Dnipropetrovsk area.[citation needed]


On June 6, 2013, Interpipe Steel Mill melted its millionth ton of steel, just 15 months after the launch of the facility.[citation needed]

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