Interpol Investigates

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Interpol Investigates
StarringMichael Shapiro
Christopher Allison
Jayce O'Neal
Jose Acevedo
Jim Cissell
Barry Ellenberger
Marc Gable
Beau Peregino
Rodney Roldan
Tim L. Smith
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes12
Production company(s)National Geographic
DistributorNational Geographic
Original networkNational Geographic
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Interpol Investigates is an American docudrama television series which aired on National Geographic Channel. The program follows Interpol as its members search for the minute clues left behind by culprits.


Season One
No. # Title
In 1985, DEA agents are arrested for selling drugs. Garcia escapes police and Interpol is brought in to capture the fugitive.
21"Body Double"
After stealing millions from his clients and colleagues, Albert Walker flees Canada, taking his daughter with him. With the help of British police, Interpol finally track him to an English village.
31"Dangerous Company"
Dubbed a "modern day Bonnie and Clyde", Nova Guthrie & Craig Michael Pritchert were arrested in South Africa in 2003 after 6 luxurious years on the run from police.[1]
41"Deadly Traffic"
Track the Juarez drug cartel's ringleader, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, through Mexico and South America in a tale of violence,intimidation and corruption.
51"Fatal Compulsion"
Ira Einhorn killed his girlfriend in Philadelphia in the late 1970's and then vanished. Find out how Interpol finally tracked him to France.
61"Lethal Obsession"
In 1985 Derek & Nancy are murdered in their Bedford County, Virginia home. Interpol tracks the killers across Europe & Asia to their final capture.
71"Missing Link"
Discover the social circumstances that offer safe havens to criminals & how cooperation between governments leave terrorists with fewer places to hide.
81"Rising Sun"
See how Mireille Balestrazzi's relentless pursuit of art thieves led to her eventual appointment to the executive committee of Interpol itself.
91"Stealing History"
Discover how the British police, Interpol and Egyptian Antiquities Police tracked down art smuggler Jonathan Tokeley-Parry and brought him to justice.
101"Terror in the Skies"
Follow the FBI and Interpol as they track the terrorist responsible for hijacking Egypt Air Flight 648 in 1985 after his release from a Malta prison.
111"The Serpent"
Discover how Interpol convicted elusive fraudster Charles Sobhraj, who preyed on Western tourists traveling in Southeast Asia during the 1970s.
121"Tracks of a Stalker"
Meet Tinkerbelle the orphaned hippo that arrived at the sanctuary when she was one day old. Brian's team tends to her every need in the bush of Africa.


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