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Discipline LDS apologetics, Mormon studies
Language English
Edited by Daniel C. Peterson
Publication details
The Interpreter Foundation (United States)
Publication history
ISSN 2372-1227 (print)
2372-126X (web)

Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture is a non-profit peer-reviewed educational academic journal published by the Interpreter Foundation covering primarily LDS apologetics as well as Mormon studies.[1][2] It was established in 2012 by The Interpreter Foundation with Daniel C. Peterson as founding editor-in-chief.[3] Peterson had previously been the founding editor of the journal FARMS Review, which in 2011 had been renamed Mormon Studies Review[4][5][1][2] and soon thereafter re-launched without apologetics as its main focus.[6] The Interpreter Foundation also sponsors debates and discussions. These have included two symposia delving on science and Mormonism[7][8]

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