The InterProse Corporation

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The InterProse Corporation
Industry Accounts receivable management
Software as a service (SaaS)
Debt collection software
Professional services
IT services
Founded 1996, incorporated 1997
Headquarters Vancouver, Washington, USA
Key people
Matthew D. Hill, CEO
Scott L. McGrew, CFO
Greg Johnson, CTO
Kyle Nelson

The InterProse Corporation, abbreviated InterProse, is a multinational computer software and technology corporation headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA. The company was founded as a data integration company but since 2000 has shifted its products to a Cloud computing implementation. InterProse provides cloud computing, and consulting services for Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), debt collection, and electronic payment services[1] for accounts receivable and debt collection.

InterProse has been known through most of its recent history as designer of web-based applications utilizing open source technology to provide applications focused upon browser capability and not a specific operating system. Capitalizing on open source[2] technology has also carries the benefit of low cost product implementation. InterProse holds several trademarks and is currently seeking a patent for its Ammina Virtual Agent[3] technology. This technology merges human and machine elements into an intelligent pseudo-agent. Though a small, closely held company, InterProse has grown consistently since its inception in 1996, quadrupling its employee base and earnings.


In the late 1990s, InterProse became the dominant vendor in low-cost desktop PC-based data conversion software. This became a catalyst for many small companies to enable them to compete with must larger companies because the cost barriers for data interface had been erased. The resultant influx of new business opportunities for InterProse's clients created a need for more sophisticated and complex interface work. This drove the expansion of InterProses's Professional Services group.

In 1999 InterProse decided to merge with the Mt. Hood Media, a company that specialized in website development and web-based applications, to expand its offering into the newly emerging eCommerce[4] space. By 2001 InterProse had developed version 1.0 of WebAR a web-based SaaS application to provide client access to companies assigning accounts to collection agencies for the purpose of account tracking and performance audits.

In 2003 InterProse released version 2.0 of WebAR with addition support for the processing of electronic payments, A/R management, and debt collection.[5]

In 2007 InterProse released its virtual agent product, now known as Ammina, which combined a nonthreatening avatar and advanced expert system decisioning engine to allow a customer/patient/subscriber/debtor to manage their accounts without the necessity of speaking to a human thus providing benefit to both creditor and customer (see whitepaper).[6]

InterProse Professional Services[edit]

Under some circumstances, customers request assistance in developing a process unique to their specific application of Cartographer or WebAR. In these cases, InterProse engineers are available to provide customized programming services. Software engineers are proficient in various programming languages, i.e. Visual Basic, Java,[7] SQL,[8] HTML, Perl,[9] XML,[10] PICK OS, and UNIX.[11]

Open source[edit]

InterProse has fully embraced the Open Source Initiative, and began developing applications on Linux in 2001. InterProse has created a commercial grade application with only the tools available in the open source community namely: CentOS,[12] PostgreSQL,[13] Apache,[12] Tomcat,[14] Java Servlets, and Java.

Board of Directors[edit]

Current members of the board of directors at The InterProse Corporation are:

  • Matthew D. Hill - President/CEO
  • Scott L. McGrew - Executive Vice President/CFO
  • Greg W. Johnson - CTO
  • Kyle J. Nelson - Senior Implementations Director

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