Interscholastic League of Honolulu

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Interscholastic League of Honolulu
Interscholastic League of Honolulu logo
Established 1909
Association HHSAA
Members 23
Sports fielded
  • 37
Region Hawaii (Oahu)
Headquarters Honolulu, Hawaii

The Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) is an athletic activity league whose membership is primarily private secondary schools in Honolulu, Hawai'i. The ILH has 25 member schools with over 13,000 student athletes participating in 37 different sports including cross country, track and field, swimming and diving, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, canoe paddling, kayaking, air riflery, water polo, judo, cheerleading, and sailing.

Early history[edit]

The ILH was founded in 1909 with Punahou, Kamehameha and McKinley High School making up the original membership. A number of public and private institutions joined soon after to bolster membership. Along with the large number of private institutions that composed the membership of the ILH, there were five public high schools situated in Honolulu that were original members of the league - Farrington High School, Kaimuki High School, McKinley High School, Roosevelt High School and Kalani High School. In 1970, these five schools left the ILH to join the Oahu Interscholastic Association, a league now comprising all the public secondary schools on the island, leaving the ILH membership composed primarily with private institutions.


The Interscholastic League of Honolulu is governed by a set of policies that cover aspects such as: eligibility of students, age limits, academic standing, sports participation, outside participation rules and a codified transfer policy between teams.

As a large number of schools in the ILH have very small enrollment numbers, many schools cannot field teams that require a large number of players such as football, baseball, wrestling, etc. In response to this problem, and to give their students a chance to compete in these sports, these schools pool their players together and play under the moniker "Pac-Five". Pac-Five participates in many of the various sports offered by the ILH. Unfortunately for this combined athletic program, the athletes are not allowed to participate and score as a team in state championship individual sports. In this case, the athletes from each school must compete under their own school name, making it extremely difficult to win team awards due to the failure to meet the minimum amount of athletes participating in an event in order to achieve a high team score.

League events[edit]

Tournaments hosted by the Interscholastic League of Honolulu have always been some of the most popular events in the State of Hawaii. Events such as the old Thanksgiving Day football game would annually draw crowds upwards of 20,000 to Honolulu Stadium to watch the league crown its champion. Although the Turkey Day Game has long been defunct, avid fans still often commute from neighbor islands to O'ahu to attend conference games in a wide range of sports.

Member institutions[edit]

Institution Location Founded Mascot School Colors
Academy of the Pacific Honolulu, Hawaii 1961 Dolphins Blue & White
Assets School Honolulu, Hawaii 1969 Admirals Red, White & Blue
Christian Academy Honolulu, Hawaii 1981 Patriots Blue & White
Damien Memorial School Honolulu, Hawaii 1962 Monarchs Purple & Gold
University Laboratory School Honolulu, Hawaii 1947 Jr. Rainbows Green & White
Hanalani Schools Mililani, Hawaii 1978 Royals Purple & Gold
Hawaii Baptist Academy Honolulu, Hawaii 1949 Eagles Black, Gold & White
Hawaiian Mission Academy Honolulu, Hawaii 1920 Knights Blue and White
Ho'ala School Wahiawa, Hawaii 1986 Hurricanes Maroon & White
Honolulu Waldorf School Honolulu, Hawaii 1961 None Blue & White
Island Pacific Academy Kapolei, Hawaii 2003 Navigators Navy Blue, Silver, & Gold
Iolani School Honolulu, Hawaii 1863 Raiders Red, Black & White
Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama Honolulu, Hawaii 1887 Warriors Blue & White
La Pietra: Hawaii School for Girls Honolulu, Hawaii 1964 Panthers Royal & Sky Blue
Lanakila Baptist Ewa Beach, Hawaii 1969 Warriors Red and White
Le Jardin Academy Kailua, Hawaii 1961 Bulldogs Blue & White
Lutheran High School Honolulu, Hawaii 1948 Lions Navy Blue & White
Maryknoll School Honolulu, Hawaii 1927 Spartans Maroon & Gold
Mid-Pacific Institute Honolulu, Hawaii 1865 Owls Green & White
Pacific Buddhist Academy Honolulu, Hawaii 2003 Dragons Teal, Indigo & Gold
Punahou School Honolulu, Hawaii 1841 Buff N' Blue Buff & Blue
Sacred Hearts Academy Honolulu, Hawaii 1909 Lancers White & Gold
Saint Andrew's Priory Honolulu, Hawaii 1867 Pride Red & White
Saint Francis School Honolulu, Hawaii 1932 Saints Carolina Blue & White
Saint Louis School Honolulu, Hawaii 1846 Crusaders Red & Blue
Pac-Five* Honolulu, Hawaii 1974 Wolfpack Texas Orange & White
*Combined team

Former members[edit]

Institution Location Founded Mascot School Colors Year Left
Farrington High School Honolulu, Hawaii 1936 Governors Maroon & White 1970
Kaimuki High School Honolulu, Hawaii 1944 Bulldogs Green & Gold 1970
Kalani High School Honolulu, Hawaii 1958 Falcons Red & White 1970
McKinley High School Honolulu, Hawaii 1865 Tigers Black & Gold 1970
Roosevelt High School Honolulu, Hawaii 1930 Rough Riders Red & Gold 1970

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