Interstate '82

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Interstate '82
Interstate 82 Cover.PNG
Game cover
Developer(s) Activision
Publisher(s) Activision
Composer(s) Josh Mancell
Engine Dark Side
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)
  • NA November 22, 1999
  • EU 1999
Genre(s) Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Single-player or multiplayer
Interstate '82 reception
Aggregate score
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 61.59%[1]
Review scores
Publication Score
GameSpot 6.2/10[2]
IGN 6.9/10[3]

Interstate '82 is a vehicular combat video game for Windows. It was developed and published by Activision and released in 1999.


The game is less complex than its predecessor, Interstate '76, lacking the detailed armor and weapon management of the original. Its play-style is closer to console-based vehicular combat games like Twisted Metal, with a single health bar displaying both armor and chassis strength, as opposed to 76's armor/chassis strength system. The vehicle models have been updated to reflect the change in era, and overall, the game has a new wave feel, with several hitherto-unreleased Devo songs being on the soundtrack, as opposed to the first game's funk-inspired style.


The game is set in the southwest United States in an alternate version of the year 1982, during the Reagan Administration.

Interstate '82 features a story-mode like its predecessor, with one new option: the player can exit his vehicle and enter another, adding some strategy to the game's storyline. Another new addition is the ability to skin the new vehicle models.


Six years after Groove Champion and his allies avenged his sister's murder, Groove Champion is a vigilante hunting down Auto-Villians known by the nickname "Creepers" one night at his Caravan Champion calls Skye only to be met with an answering message. Suddenly two people barge into his caravan and an unknown woman accompanied by a Creeper demands to know who he was calling to, however Champion tricks them and escapes into his car where he is chased down and kidnapped.

A day later, Taurus is living a comfortable life and gives up his auto-vigilante status to stay safe. After having a nightmare before the events of Interstate 76 and getting a phone call from a woman named "Skye" who brings him the news of his former partner's disappearance and to meet her at a gas station. Taurus agrees to meet her there and meets Skye only to turn out she's Champion's second sister and wants to find her brother. Taurus reluctantly agrees to find him. She tells him to go to Las Vegas with her. Once at Las Vegas, they go to a local bar to ask the bartender of his last seen whereabouts however the same woman who kidnapped Champion is observing them and she is told by an unknown german supervisor to kill them at some time. After finding no results they go to Champion's destroyed caravan to search and Skye tells Taurus that she wants to learn to fight Taurus refuses and doesn't want a repeat of previous game's events but Skeeter arrives and Taurus is disgusted at his presence Creepers are closing in on their position and they manage to defeat them Taurus interrogates Skye about why he call her and she states that last Christmas. 1981 he mentioned that he was going undercover but a man named "Rant Dick" over the radio has him alive and they decide to rescue him. The German Supervisor meets Rant and asks him to resolve a "problem".

Meanwhile. Rant is holding Groove as a hostage and Taurus kills Rant to discover that Rant was a bomb vest and the two escape with Groove unharmed Groove tells Taurus along with Skeeter and Skye that he was noticing Creepers trafficking unmarked money across out of The United States and went undercover and found out that US contractors and the US Government are involved with gangs of Creepers with a special branch of Secret Service named the "Super Secret Service" or SSS to traffic the money with German Supervisor who is named Hinckley was their leader. Creepers are sent out after them but they escape and interrogate a Creeper who turns out to be a member of the SSS along with a tracking device that points to Champion's head and take out a fake tooth with a tracking device, they go to Area 51 to find a helicopter disguised as a UFO to find that the helicopter is made to traffic passports and guns, the unknown woman appears and tells them the guns and passports are going to Mexico so the US president and the SSS can make a fake Mexican terrorist organisation with the US contractors as advisors so they can invade Mexico, she tells them that she has a "date" with the president in Las Vegas. Taurus shoots her and the woman, injured shoots Skye who escorted to safety by Groove. Taurus destroys the helicopter killing the unknown woman.

In Las Vegas, Hinckley explains his failure to the US President and orders Hinckley to active LARS however Taurus arrives in Las Vegas and is met by armed soldiers with the US President and Hinckley, Taurus demands what they are planning and they explain that the invasion of Mexico will turn The United States into a totalitarian state. The US president orders the soldiers to kill them but Skeeter kills the soldiers with his pick-up truck mounted with guns and Skye runs over Hinckley with her motorcycle and the US president flees into a giant mech in an attempt to cover up the conspiracy but Taurus and the gang destroy the mech but the US president survives, Taurus persuaded by Skype spares despite Champion's dismay. Hinckley meets up with his employer but he is threatened by the President with arrest for his failure Hinckley flees and police sirens are heard before fading to black.


Like its predecessors, Interstate '82's arsenal of vehicles is based on real-world cars.


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