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Interstate 20 marker
Interstate 20
I-20 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length636.08 mi[1] (1,023.67 km)
Major junctions
West end I-10 at Scroggins Draw
Major intersections US 83 / US 277 in Abilene

I-820 in Benbrook and Kennedale

I-30 near Fort Worth
I-35W in Fort Worth
I-35E in Dallas
I-45 in Dallas [2]
I-635 in Balch Springs
I-369 (Future).svgUS 59.svg Future I-369 / US 59 in Marshall
East end I-20 near Greenwood, LA
CountiesReeves, Ward, Crane, Ector, Midland, Martin, Howard, Mitchell, Nolan, Taylor, Callahan, Eastland, Erath, Palo Pinto, Parker, Tarrant, Dallas, Kaufman, Van Zandt, Smith, Gregg, Harrison
Highway system
SH 19 SH 20

Interstate 20 in Texas (I-20[a]) is a major east–west Interstate Highway in the Southern United States, running east from a junction with I-10 east of Kent, Texas, through the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex to the border with Louisiana near Waskom, Texas. The original distance of I-20 was 647 miles (1,041 km) from I-10 to the Louisiana border, reduced to the current distance of 636 miles (1,024 km) with the rerouting of I-20 in the 1980s and 1990s. I-20 is known as the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.


I-20 in Texas was designated in 1959, and was to replace or run parallel to U.S. Route 80 (US 80). Initial construction began from east to west and as bypass loops around larger cities. On October 1, 1964, I-20 was rerouted so that it followed I-35W through Fort Worth (it still followed I-35E through Dallas). By 1967, the highway was complete from the Louisiana border to the western side of Fort Worth on a route to the south of US 80, with slower construction in the lesser populated areas of West Texas concurrent with US 80. On December 2, 1971, I-20 was rerouted across the southern side of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, with the old section through downtown Dallas and Fort Worth being redesignated as I-30. In 1991, the entire concurrent designation of US 80 was removed from the I-10 interchange to Dallas.

Route description[edit]

West Texas[edit]

I-20 begins its eastward journey at a junction with I-10 in a desolate region of West Texas about 6 miles (10 km) east of the town of Kent. I-20 leaves the interchange with I-10 with a speed limit of 80 mph (130 km/h) until milemarker 89. I-20 also generally heads to the east-northeast passing by the cities of Odessa and Midland while transitioning from the West Texas desert to the prairie. I-20 runs concurrently with the La Entrada al Pacífico corridor from its junction with US 385 in Odessa to its junction with Farm to Market Road 1788 (FM 1788) near Midland International Airport. Near Sweetwater, I-20 begins to head east as it heads toward the city of Abilene. In Abilene, I-20 curves toward the north and transverses the northern part of the city while also forming the northern arc of the loop around the city. I-20 continues heading east from Abilene until the town of Eastland when I-20 takes a more northeasterly route toward Weatherford while transitioning from the West Texas prairie to the central plains of North Texas as the terrain grows hilly. In Weatherford, I-20 again heads back toward the east as it heads toward the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

Dallas–Fort Worth area[edit]

I-20 in southern Fort Worth

I-20 interchanges with I-30 west of Fort Worth with I-30 heading east and I-20 to the southeast. I-20 heads back toward the east when it interchanges with I-820. I-20 forms the southern arc of the complete loop around the city of Fort Worth, and serves as the southernmost west–east freeway in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Interchanging with I-35W south of downtown Fort Worth, I-20 heads east toward Dallas passing through Arlington, where it is also known as the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway.[4] From Arlington, I-20 passes into Dallas County at Grand Prairie and heads east in to Dallas, interchanging with I-35E south of downtown and I-45 shortly after. I-20 intersects with I-635 (where it completes a three-quarter loop around the city) on Dallas' southeast side before heading east toward East Texas. The Interstate varies from 4 to 10 lanes from its I-30 junction near Aledo to its US 80 junction near Terrell.

East Texas[edit]

A travel information center located at I-20 exit 635

I-20 leaves the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex and heads generally to the east-southeast through East Texas. I-20 begins heading to the east as it passes to the north of the city of Canton. The intersection of I-20 at US 69 in Lindale just north of Tyler is the highest traffic count intersection on I-20 east of Terrell to the Louisiana state line. From Lindale, I-20 continues east, going through the piney woods region of East Texas intersecting US 259 with Kilgore to the south and Longview to the north and US 59 future I-369 with Marshall just to the north and Texarkana further north along US 59 future I-369. I-20 leaves the state of Texas near Waskom and just west of the Shreveport, Bossier City, Louisiana area.

Auxiliary route[edit]

I-20 has one auxiliary route in Texas.

  • I-820 is a 35.2-mile (56.6 km) loop around the city of Fort Worth. I-20 absorbed the southern section as part of its relocation to the south and I-30 being extended westward over the old alignment of I-20 through the center of town.[5]

Business routes[edit]

All of the business loops within Texas are maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). I-20 has fifteen business loops in the state, all located in western Texas. Along I-20, TxDOT identifies each business route as Business Interstate 20 (Bus. I-20) followed by an alphabetic suffix. Along Texas Interstates, the alphabetic suffixes on business route names ascend eastward and northward. There are gaps in the alphabetic values to allow for future system expansion. The alphabetic naming suffixes are included as small letters on the bottom of route shields.

State Highway Loop 254 (Loop 254) takes the place of a business route in Ranger, Texas, and follows the original route of US 80.

I-20 business routes in Texas generally follow the path of the former US 80 through the central portions of towns now bypassed by the Interstate route.

Exit list[edit]

ReevesScroggins Draw0.000.00 I-10 west – El PasoNational western terminus; access to I-10 east via I-10 exit 186
I-10Eastbound entrance only; I-10 exit 187
2.74.33Stocks Road
7.011.37Johnson Road
12.820.613McAlpine Road
Toyah21.935.222 FM 2903 – Toyah
29.046.729Shaw Road
33.453.833 FM 869
Pecos37.660.537 I-20 BL east – Pecos
39.964.239 SH 17 – Fort Davis, Balmorhea
40.565.240Country Club Drive
41.967.442 US 285 – Fort Stockton, Carlsbad
43.870.544Collie Road
WardBarstow49.379.349 FM 516 – Barstow
52.784.852 I-20 BL west – BarstowWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
58.894.658Frontage Road
Pyote65.7105.766 SH 115 / FM 1927 – Pyote, Kermit
69.8112.370 Spur 65
Wickett73.3118.073 FM 1219 – Wickett
Thorntonville75.5121.576 I-20 BL east – Monahans
78.5126.379 Loop 464Eastbound entrance is via exit 80
Monahans79.5127.980 SH 18 – Kermit, Fort Stockton
83.2133.983 I-20 BL west – Monahans
85.2137.186 PR 41 – Monahans Sandhills State Park
No major junctions
Ector92.5148.993 FM 1053 – Fort Stockton
Penwell100.7162.1101 FM 1601 – Penwell
104.3167.9104 FM 866 – Goldsmith
Odessa108.1174.0108Moss Avenue – Meteor Crater
111.9180.1112 I-20 BL east / FM 1936 – Odessa
113.3182.3113 SH 302 / Loop 338 – Kermit
114.7184.6115 FM 1882 (County Road West)
116.5187.5116 US 385 – Andrews, CraneAccess to Medical Center Hospital and Odessa Regional Medical Center
117.2188.6118 FM 3503 / Grandview Avenue
119.3192.0120JBS Parkway
120.6194.1121 Loop 338 – Odessa
MidlandMidland126.5203.6126 FM 1788 / SH 349 north – UT Permian Basin CEEDWestern end of SH 349 overlap
131.5211.6131 SH 158 west / Loop 250 – MidlandWestern end of SH 158 overlap
133.9215.5134Midkiff Road
134.8216.9135Cotton Flat Road
SH 349 Bus. / SH 349 south – Rankin, Lamesa
Eastern end of SH 349 overlap
136.8220.2137Old Lamesa Road
137.9221.9138 SH 158 east / FM 715 – Garden City, San AngeloEastern end of SH 158 overlap
139.5224.5140 FM 307 – GreenwoodEastbound exit and westbound entrance
142.2228.8143 Loop 250
144.4232.4144 I-20 BL west / Loop 250 – MidlandNo westbound entrance
Martin151.7244.1151 FM 829Westbound exit and entrance
Stanton153.7247.4154 I-20 BL east – Stanton
155.9250.9156 SH 137 – LamesaAccess to Martin County Hospital
158.4254.9158 I-20 BL west – Stanton
Howard165.1265.7165 FM 818
169.4272.6169 FM 2599
170.9275.0171Moore Field Road
172.1277.0172Cauble RoadWestbound exit signed at exit 173
Big Spring172.7277.9173 US 87 south – San AngeloWest end of US 87 overlap
174.0280.0174 I-20 BL east – Big Spring
176.1283.4176 SH 176 – Andrews
177.0284.9177 US 87 north (Bus. US 87 south) – LamesaEast end of US 87 overlap
177.9286.3178 SH 350 – Snyder
179.8289.4179 I-20 BL west – Big Spring
180.5290.5181A FM 700
181.3291.8181BRefinery Road
182.4293.5182Midway Road
184.3296.6184Moss Lake Road – Sand Springs
186.3299.8186Salem Road – Sand Springs
Coahoma188.4303.2188 FM 820 – Coahoma
189.3304.6189McGregor Road
190.4306.4190Snyder Field Road
192.4309.6192 FM 821
193.7311.7194AEast Howard Field Road
195.3314.3195Frontage RoadNo eastbound entrance
Mitchell198.7319.8199Iatan Road
199.6321.2200Conaway Road
Westbrook205.7331.0206 I-20 BL east / FM 670 – Westbrook
206.8332.8207 I-20 BL west – Westbrook
208.9336.2209Dorn Road
210.0338.0210 FM 2836
212.1341.3212 FM 1229
Colorado City213.0342.8213 I-20 BL east / Enderly Road – Colorado City
215.0346.0215 FM 3525 TDCJ - 80 John Wallace Unit, Dick Ware Unit
SH 208 north / SH 208 Bus. – Snyder, Colorado City
Western end of SH 208 overlap
217.1349.4217 SH 208 south – San AngeloEastern end of SH 208 overlap
218.6351.8219ACountry Club RoadSigned as exit 219 eastbound
219.1352.6219B I-20 BL west – Colorado CityEastbound exit is via exit 219
219.8353.7220 FM 1899
221.0355.7221Lasky Road
222.7358.4223Lucas Road
Loraine224.2360.8224 I-20 BL east – Loraine
225.1362.3225 FM 644 south
225.9363.6226A FM 644 northEastbound exit is via exit 225
226.4364.4226B I-20 BL west / Wimberley Road
226.9365.2227Narrell Road
Nolan229.9370.0230 FM 1230
Roscoe234.7377.7235 I-20 BS east – Roscoe
236.0379.8236 FM 608 – Roscoe
237.0381.4237Cemetery Road
238.0383.0238A US 84 west – Lubbock, SnyderWestern end of US 84 overlap; no eastbound exit
238.1383.2238BBlackland Road
238.4383.7238CFrontage RoadEastbound exit and entrance
239.1384.8239May RoadNo access across I-20
Sweetwater239.9386.1240 Loop 170
240.3386.7241 I-20 BL east – Sweetwater
241.6388.8242Hopkins Road
242.8390.7243Hillsdale Road, Robert Lee Street
SH 70 south / SH 70 Bus. – Sweetwater, San Angelo
Western end of SH 70 overlap
245.2394.6245Arizona AvenueWestbound exit only
245.7395.4246Alabama Avenue
247.5398.3247 I-20 BL west / SH 70 north – Sweetwater, RobyEastern end of SH 70 overlap
249.0400.7249 FM 1856
250.9403.8251Eskota Road
254.8410.1255Adrian Road
256.1412.2256Stink Creek Road
258.3415.7258White Flat Road
259.3417.3259Sylvester Road
TaylorTrent260.7419.6261 I-20 BL east – Trent
261.9421.5262 FM 1085
262.6422.6263 I-20 BL west – Trent
263.7424.4264Noodle Dome Road
266.0428.1266Derstine Road
Merkel267.2430.0267 I-20 BL east – Merkel
268.5432.1269 FM 126
270.1434.7270 I-20 BL west / FM 1235 – Merkel
272.1437.9272Wimberly Road
273.8440.6274Wells Lane
Tye276.8445.5277 I-20 BL east / FM 707 – Tye
277.8447.1278 I-20 BL west – Tye
Abilene278.4448.0279 I-20 BL east / US 84 east – AbileneEastern end of US 84 overlap; no westbound exit
279.3449.5280Fulwiler Road
280.3451.1281 FM 3438 south (Hayter Road) – Dyess AFBNorthern terminus of FM 3438
281.4452.9282Shirley Road, Ambler Avenue
283 US 83 (Winters Freeway) / US 277 – San Angelo, Ballinger, AnsonSigned as exits 283A (south) and 283B (north)
284.4457.7285Old Anson Road – Impact
US 83 Bus. – Abilene
Signed as exits 286A (south) and 286B (north) eastbound, access to Hendrick Medical Center and Abilene Regional Medical Center
285.9460.1286C FM 600
286.4460.9288 SH 351 – Albany, Abilene Christian University
Loop 322 (Jake Roberts Freeway) to SH 36 – Cross Plains
291.2468.6292A I-20 BL west – Abilene
292.1470.1292BElmdale Road
Callahan294.1473.3294Buck Creek Road
296.6477.3297 FM 603
Clyde298.8480.9299 FM 1707 (Hays Road)
299.8482.5300 FM 604 – Clyde
301.0484.4301Cherry Lane
303.1487.8303Union Hill Road
Baird305.2491.2306 I-20 BL east / FM 2047 – Baird
307.0494.1307 US 283 – Albany, Coleman
307.9495.5308 I-20 BL west – Baird
309.6498.3310Finley Road
312.3502.6313 FM 2228
315.3507.4316Brushy Creek Road
Putnam318.5512.6319 FM 880 south – Putnam, Cross PlainsWestern end of FM 880 overlap
319.7514.5320 FM 880 north / FM 2945 east – MoranEastern end of FM 880 overlap
321.6517.6322Cooper Creek Road
Eastland323.9521.3324Scranton Road
Cisco329.6530.4330 SH 206 – Cross Plains, Cisco, Coleman
331.6533.7332 US 183 – Breckenridge, Cisco, Brownwood, Albany
336.3541.2337 Spur 490
Eastland339.8546.9340 SH 6 – Gorman, Eastland, De Leon, Breckenridge
342.9551.8343 SH 112 / FM 570 – Lake Leon
344.9555.1345 FM 3363 – OldenEastbound exit and westbound entrance
346.5557.6347Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Ranger349.0561.7349 Loop 254 / FM 2461 – Lake Leon, Ranger
350.0563.3351Desdemona BoulevardEastbound exit and westbound entrance
351.5565.7352Blundell StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
354.3570.2354 Loop 254 west – RangerFormer US 80
358.2576.5358Frontage RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
360.6580.3361 SH 16 – Strawn, De Leon
362.3583.1363Tudor Road
Erath366.3589.5367 SH 108 north – Mingus, ThurberWestern end of SH 108 overlap
Palo Pinto369.4594.5370 SH 108 south / FM 919 – Gordon, StephenvilleEastern end of SH 108 overlap
372.5599.5373 SH 193 – Gordon
375.4604.1376Panama Road, Blue Flat Road
380.0611.6380 FM 4 – Palo Pinto, Lipan, Santo
386.0621.2386 US 281 – Stephenville, Mineral Wells
Parker391.0629.3391Gilbert Pit Road
392.8632.2394 FM 113 – Millsap
396.9638.7397 FM 1189 – Brock
401.8646.6402 Spur 312 east – WeatherfordEastbound exit and westbound entrance; Spur 312 is former US 80
402.7648.1403Dennis RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
404.3650.7405Old Brock Road, Ric Williamson Memorial Highway
Weatherford405.5652.6406Old Dennis Road, South Bowie Drive
406.6654.4407 FM 1884 (Bethel Road) / Tin Top RoadWestbound exit is via exit 408
407.2655.3408 SH 171 / FM 51 – Granbury, Cleburne
408.6657.6409AHolland Lake Road, Fossil Hill RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
407.7656.1409 FM 2552 north (Santa Fe Drive) / Clear Lake Road
410.2660.2410East Bankhead Drive
411.4662.1411Center Point RoadWestbound exit only
Hudson Oaks412.9664.5413Lake Shore DriveEastbound exit and westbound entrance
414.0666.3414 US 180 – Weatherford, Mineral WellsWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; US 180 from I-20 to Spur 312 is former US 80
414.3666.8415 FM 5 (Mikus Road) – Annetta
Willow Park416.9670.9418Ranch House Road – Willow Park
418.7673.8420 FM 1187 / FM 3325 – Aledo
420.5676.7421 I-30 east – Downtown Fort WorthEastbound exit and westbound entrance; left exit; western terminus of I-30
Tarrant424.5683.2425Markum Ranch Road
425.5684.8426 RM 2871
Benbrook426.9687.0428 I-820 north (Jim Wright Freeway)I-820 exit 0
427.2687.5429A US 377 (Benbrook Boulevard) – Granbury
428.8690.1429BWinscott Road
Fort Worth430.9693.5431Bryant Irvin Road
432.1695.4432A SH 183 west (Southwest Boulevard)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
431.2693.9432B Chisholm Trail ParkwaySigned as exit 432 eastbound
431.3694.1433Hulen Street, South Drive – TCU
432.9696.7434AGranbury Road, South Drive
433.3697.3434BTrail Lake Drive, Westcreek Drive
434.5699.3435McCart Avenue, Westcreek Drive
435.2700.4436A FM 731 (Crowley Road) / James Avenue
435.6701.0436BHemphill Street
436.3702.2437 I-35W (South Freeway) – Denton, WacoI-35W exit 45A-B
437.1703.4438Oak Grove Road
438.3705.4439Campus Drive
Forest Hill439.0706.5440AWichita Street
439.5707.3440BForest Hill Drive
440.8709.4441Anglin Drive
US 287 Bus. (Mansfield Highway)
441.7710.8442B I-820 north (East Loop) / US 287 north – Downtown Fort WorthWestern end of US 287 overlap, I-820 exit 34A
Arlington442.9712.8443Bowman Springs RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
443.2713.3444 US 287 south / Little Road – WaxahachieEastern end of US 287 overlap
444.5715.4445Green Oaks Boulevard, Little Road
445.4716.8447Kelly–Elliott Road, Park Springs Road
446.9719.2448Bowen Road
449 FM 157 (Cooper Street) – UT ArlingtonSigned as exits 449A (south) and 449B (north) eastbound
449.1722.8450 Matlock RoadAccess to Medical Center of Arlington
450.3724.7451Collins Street, New York Avenue
453 SH 360 (Angus G. Wynne Jr. Freeway) – D/FW AirportSigned as exits 453A (north) and 453B (south)
Grand Prairie453.2729.4454Great Southwest Parkway
Dallas454.0730.6455A Pres. George Bush Turnpike north
454.3731.1455B SH 161 / Lake Ridge Parkway
455.4732.9456Carrier Parkway
456.6734.8457 FM 1382 (Belt Line Road) – Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill
Dallas457.5736.3458Mountain Creek Parkway
458.6738.0460 Spur 408 north (Patriot Parkway)
Duncanville460.1740.5461Cedar Ridge Drive
461.2742.2462Duncanville Road, North Main Street
462.3744.0463Cockrell Hill Road, Camp Wisdom Road
464 US 67 (Marvin D. Love Freeway) – Dallas, CleburneSigned as exits 464A (north) and 464B (south)
464.1746.9465 Wheatland Road, Hampton RoadAccess to Charlton Methodist Hospital
464.8748.0466South Polk Street
467 I-35E (South R.L. Thornton Freeway) – Dallas, WacoSigned as exits 467A (north) and 467B (south); I-35E exits 418A-B
Lancaster467.4752.2468Houston School Road
Dallas468.0753.2470 SH 342 (Lancaster Road)
470.8757.7472Bonnie View Road
472.0759.6473AJ. J. Lemmon RoadEastbound exit and westbound entrance
473 I-45 (Julius Schepps Freeway) – Dallas, HoustonSigned as exits 473B (south) and 473C (north); I-45 exits 276A-B
Hutchins472.9761.1474 SH 310 (South Central Expressway)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Dallas475.6765.4476Dowdy Ferry Road
476.6767.0477St. Augustine Road
478.7770.4478Haymarket RoadEastbound exit and westbound entrance
479 US 175 (C.F. Hawn Freeway) – Dallas, KaufmanSigned as exits 479A (west) and 479B (east)
Balch Springs480.0772.5480B I-635 north (Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway) – Mesquite, GarlandI-635 exit 1C
480.5773.3480AKleberg RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
481.3774.6481Seagoville Road
482.4776.3482Belt Line Road, Lasater Road
Mesquite483.3777.8483Lawson Road, Lasater Road, Lumley Road
Kaufman487.3784.2487 FM 740 – Forney
490.2788.9490 FM 741
491.1790.3491 FM 2932 / Helms Trail
Talty493.2793.7493 FM 1641
Terrell497.9801.3498 FM 148
Spur 557 to US 80 – Dallas
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
499.0803.1499BRose Hill Road
500.7805.8501 SH 34 – Terrell, KaufmanAccess to Terrell Municipal Airport
502.5808.7503Wilson Road
505.9814.2506 FM 429 (College Mound Road) / FM 2728 – Trinity Valley Community College
508.9819.0509Hiram Road
512.0824.0512 FM 2965 (Hiram-Wills Point Road)
Van Zandt516.5831.2516 FM 47 – Wills Point
519.1835.4519Turner–Hayden Road
521.0838.5521Myrtle Springs Road, Myrtle Cemetery Road
Canton522.9841.5523 SH 64 – Canton, Wills Point
525.8846.2526 FM 859 – Canton, Edgewood
526.2846.8527 SH 19 – Emory, Canton
528.3850.2528 FM 17 – Grand Saline
530.1853.1530 FM 1255 – Canton
533.2858.1533Colfax Oakland Road
536.0862.6536Tank Farm Road
536.8863.9537 FM 16 / FM 773 – Van, Ben Wheeler
Van540.3869.5540 FM 314 – Van, Edom
Smith544.0875.5544Willow Branch Road
547.7881.4548 SH 110 – Grand Saline, Tyler, Van
Lindale551.8888.0552 FM 849 – Hideaway
552.8889.6553 Loop 49 Toll – Mineola, Tyler
553.9891.4554Harvey Road
555.7894.3556 US 69 – Lindale, Mineola, Tyler
556.8896.1557Jim Hogg Road
560.6902.2560Lavender Road
561.9904.3562 FM 14 – Hawkins, Tyler, Tyler State Park
564.9909.1565 FM 2015 (Driskill Lake Road)
567.5913.3567 SH 155 – UT Health Center, Winona
570.8918.6571A US 271 – Gladewater, Tyler
571.6919.9571B FM 757 (Starrville Omen Road)
575.2925.7575Barber Road
county line
579.4932.5579Joy–Wright Mountain Road
Gregg582.1936.8582 FM 3053 – Liberty City, Overton
583.1938.4583 SH 135 – Kilgore, Gladewater, Overton
586.8944.4587 SH 42 – Kilgore, White Oak
589 US 259 south / SH 31 – Kilgore, Henderson, Downtown LongviewWestern end of US 259 overlap; signed as exits 589A (south/west) and 589B (east) eastbound
591.1951.3591 FM 2011 / FM 2087
595 SH 322 south (Estes Parkway) / Loop 281 north – LongviewSigned as exits 595A (south) and 595B (north) eastbound
596.0959.2596 US 259 north / SH 149 (Eastman Road) – CarthageEastern end of US 259 overlap, access to Good Shepherd Medical Center and Longview Regional Medical Center
Harrison598.5963.2599 Loop 281 / FM 968
603.8971.7604 FM 450 – Hallsville
610.3982.2610 FM 3251
613.7987.7614 SH 43 – Marshall, Caddo Lake, Henderson
Marshall616.7992.5617 US 59 (Future I-369) – Marshall, CarthageUS 59 is the future Interstate 369
620.4998.4620 FM 31 – Elysian Fields
623.51,003.4624 FM 2199 – Scottsville
628.21,011.0628 US 80 west / Frontage RoadWestern end of US 80 overlap
Waskom632.71,018.2633 US 80 east / FM 9 / FM 134 – Waskom, Caddo LakeEastern end of US 80 overlap
634.61,021.3635 Spur 156 – Waskom
TexasLouisiana line636.081,023.67Texas Travel Information Center (westbound only)
I-20 eastContinuation into Louisiana
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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  1. ^ Some sources use "IH 20", as "IH" is an abbreviation used by the Texas Department of Transportation for Interstate Highways.[3]


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  4. ^ But see also US 190, another road which has been designated the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway.
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