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Interstate 291 marker

Interstate 291
Springfield Expressway
I-291 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of I‑91
Maintained by MassDOT
Length5.44 mi[2] (8.75 km)
Major junctions
West end I‑91 in Springfield
East endBurnett Road in Chicopee
Highway system

Interstate 291 (abbreviated I-291), also known as the Springfield Expressway,[3] is a 5.44-mile (8.75 km) connector highway in Massachusetts that links Interstate 91 in downtown Springfield with Interstate 90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) in Chicopee. I-291 is roughly a northeast/southwest highway. It merges with I-91 at its southwestern terminus, via a flyover. The road meets the Mass Pike at its northeastern terminus. Getting onto the Pike from I-291 is straightforward, but getting from the Pike to I-291 requires a left turn at an at-grade traffic signal. I-291 travels directly through highly populated areas of Springfield, and passes under several overpasses. From its southwestern terminus to exit 5A, Interstate 291 is concurrent with U.S. Route 20.

I-291 is only 22.4 miles (36.0 km) from Interstate 291 in Connecticut, and there are no intervening Interstate Highway interchanges between them. It can be easy for travelers to become confused between the two highways.[citation needed]

Route description[edit]

Interstate 291 begins as a spur of Interstate 91 at Exit 8 in Springfield, concurrent with U.S. 20, which merges from the north. The two entry ramps from I-91 merge with each other after Exits 2A and 2B, where a sign for the beginning of I-291 east is posted. I-291 and U.S. 20 run eastbound concurrently until Exit 5A (U.S. 20 joins westbound at Exit 5), where U.S. 20 east leaves the highway for a junction with Route 20A. I-291 continues east into Chicopee, where it intersects the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90). I-291 ends at an odd intersection at a stoplight on Burnett Road, but I-291 east traffic can exit uninterrupted by way of a ramp to the Mass Pike. However, drivers coming from the Mass Pike must deal with this traffic light, as a left turn across the intersection is required to get on I-291 west.

The westbound interchange with I-91 is unusual in that the ramps for Exit 1A-B split before the ramps for Exits 2A-B do. Traffic bound for Exit 2A (Chestnut Street) must first take the ramp for Exit 1A (I-91 South), and traffic bound for Exit 2B (Dwight St.) must first take the ramp for Exit 1B (I-91 North).

Traffic bound for U.S. 20 West from I-291 takes Exit 1B. U.S. 20 does not actually join with I-91, but rather this exit splits, left for the on-ramp to I-91 North, the right to continue on the U.S. 20 access ramp.


I-291 was originally conceived in 1953, prior to the creation of the Interstate Highway System, as the Springfield Expressway, which would bypass US 20 and connect to the US 5 expressway (now I-91) and the proposed Massachusetts Turnpike. I-291 follows the original planned alignment of the expressway, except for the stretch between exit 4 (St. James Avenue) and exit 5 (US 20/MA 20A/Page Boulevard). The original planned alignment had the route turn in almost a perfect 90 degree angle onto Roosevelt Avenue, but industrial development (including the relocation of Smith & Wesson's corporate headquarters) had the highway turn more gently. The first section of the expressway that was built was the bridge over the Chicopee River.[4] The first section of the expressway that opened was from US 20/MA 20A to I-90 (Mass. Turnpike) in 1957; work on the freeway started up again in 1967 and the entire highway was completed in 1971.[1] The construction delay was due to I-91 having priority through western Massachusetts.

Exit list[edit]

All interchanges were to be renumbered to mileage-based numbers under a project scheduled to start in 2016.[5]However, this project now has been indefinitely postponed.[6] The entire route is in Hampden County. [7]

Springfield0.0000.0001A I‑91 south – Hartford, CTExit 8 on I-91; tri-stack interchange.
0.4630.7451B I‑91 north / US 20 west – West SpringfieldExit 8 on I-91; western end of concurrency with US 20
0.5890.9482AChestnut StreetSigned as Exit 2 eastbound; shares ramp with Exit 1A westbound; no access from I-91 north
0.4630.7452BDwight StreetShares ramp with Exit 1B westbound; no access from I-91 south
1.3402.1573Armory Street
2.4103.8794St. James Avenue – Chicopee Falls
4.0466.5115A US 20 east – Indian OrchardEastern end of concurrency with US 20
4.0576.5295B Route 20A west – East SpringfieldEastbound exit only
Chicopee5.0278.0906Fuller Road – Ludlow, Chicopee Falls
5.2188.3987 I‑90 (Mass Pike) – Boston, Albany, NYExit 6 on I-90
5.528.88Burnett Road north
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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