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Interstate 395 marker

Interstate 395
I-395 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of I-95
Maintained by ConnDOT and MassDOT
Length66.6 mi[1] (107.2 km)
  • 54.69 miles (88.02 km) in Connecticut
  • 11.91 miles (19.17 km) in Massachusetts
Major junctions
South end I-95 in East Lyme, CT
North end I‑290 in Auburn, MA
StatesConnecticut, Massachusetts
CountiesCT: New London, Windham
MA: Worcester
Highway system
Route 49CT 52Route 53
Route 49MA 52Route 53

Interstate 395 (I-395) is an auxiliary Interstate Highway in the U.S. states of Connecticut and Massachusetts; it is maintained by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Spanning nearly 67 miles (108 km) on a south–north axis, it is the only spur route of Interstate 95 in Connecticut. The 36-mile (58 km) section between its splits from I-95 in East Lyme and Route 695 in Plainfield is a component highway of the Connecticut Turnpike. Within that state, the highway is named the American Ex-Prisoner of War Memorial Highway from Plainfield to Thompson.

The highway was first established as part of the Connecticut Turnpike in 1958, while the Route 52 designation was applied to the portion north of the turnpike in 1967. Route 52 was intended to become a southern extension of I-290, although the current designation of I-395 was ultimately assigned in 1983.[2]

Route description[edit]

I-395 begins in East Lyme as the Connecticut Turnpike leaves I-95 as the latter route turns more easterly toward New London. It is a relatively rural interstate for most of its length. It passes through Waterford into Montville where it meets Route 2A at Exit 9. Eastbound Route 2A provides access to Mohegan Sun Casino, while westbound Route 2A duplexes with I-395 into Norwich, and ends at Exit 13, where it terminates as it joins its parent route, Route 2. After passing Route 2, I-395 bends to the east, and continues into Lisbon, Griswold, and Plainfield, where it bends more northerly and parallels Route 12 for most of the rest of its length. At the Plainfleld/Killingly town line, the Connecticut Turnpike splits to the east as unsigned SR 695 providing access to US 6 at the Rhode Island state line. I-395 continues north, and meets US 6 in Killingly. After crossing into Putnam, it has an interchange with US 44. It then passes through Thompson before crossing the Massachusetts state line into Webster.[3] After passing through Webster and Oxford, it enters Auburn where it has an interchange with US 20, which provides access to the Route 146 expressway. The I-395 designation for the highway ends as it meets I-90 (the Mass Pike) at Exit 10 and becomes I-290 as it heads toward Worcester.

Service plazas[edit]

In Connecticut, there are three service plazas (a legacy of the Turnpike) that provide 24-hour gas stations, convenience stores, plus a Subway and Dunkin' Donuts.

  • Montville — MP 8 - Southbound only between Exits 9 and 6.
  • Plainfield — MP 35 - Northbound and Southbound between Exits 32 and 35.

A State Police station is on the northbound side of the highway in Montville (between exits 6 and 9) in what used to be the Montville Northbound Service Plaza.


I-95 at the I-395 split in East Lyme/Waterford town line.

The highway that is now I-395 from its southern terminus with I-95 in East Lyme to exit 35 in Plainfield opened on January 2, 1958, as part of the 129-mile (208 km) Connecticut Turnpike from Greenwich at the New York state line to Killingly at the Rhode Island state line. In 1964, work began on a freeway extension beyond the turnpike in Plainfield north towards Worcester, connecting to the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90). This new freeway, as well as the existing section of the Connecticut Turnpike from East Lyme to Plainfield would be designated as Route 52. The section between Plainfield and US 44 near Putnam opened in 1967, and the section from US 44 to the Massachusetts state line opened in 1969. Massachusetts completed its section of the freeway in 1977.[4]

In 1983, in response to the cancellation of the proposed I-84 extension from Hartford to Providence, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) wished to supplement the state's loss of Interstate mileage by applying an Interstate designation to Route 52. Initially, I-290 was to be extended from its southern terminus in Auburn, Massachusetts. However, in 1983, it was decided to instead apply the I-395 designation to the freeway south of I-90.[5]

In May 2013, ConnDOT announced that a project that would begin in early 2014 that included renumbering exits along its section of I-395, and Route 2A from the then-current sequential numbering system to a distance-based scheme to conform with federal exit numbering standards. During the transition, old exit numbers were posted atop the new exit numbers through 2017 to lessen any confusion.[6] The renumbering began on June 24, 2015, and ended in January 2016; the project included renumbering one sign in Massachusetts announcing the first southbound Connecticut exit.

Exit list[edit]

Exit numbers were changed from sequential to distance-based numbering in Connecticut between July and December 2015. Along with Connecticut Route 2A, these are Connecticut's initial distance-based exit numbers.[7] MassDOT also planned to switch exit numbers on all of its interstates, including I-395, to distance-based numbering in 2016. But the contract to change exit numbers which was to be awarded in December 2015 was indefinitely postponed in the middle of 2016. It wasn't until November 18, 2019 that the MassDot confirmed that beginning in late summer 2020 the exit renumbering project will begin[8][9]

StateCountyLocation[10]mi[10]kmOld exitNew exit[11]Destinations[12]Notes
ConnecticutNew LondonEast Lyme0.000.00 I-95 south – New Haven, New York CityExit 76 on I-95 northbound
Waterford2.133.43772 Route 85 – Waterford, Chesterfield, Colchester
Montville5.348.59785 Route 32 south (via SR 693) – New LondonSouthbound left exit and northbound entrance
6.3310.19796 Route 163 – Uncasville, Montville
9.6015.4579A9 Route 2A east – Ledyard, PrestonSouthern terminus of Route 2A concurrency
Norwich11.0817.838011 Route 82 – Salem, Downtown Norwich
13.7122.0681E–W13 Route 2 / Route 32 – Hartford, Norwich, LebanonSigned as exits 13A (east/south) and 13B (west/north); northern terminus of concurrency with Route 2A
14.2322.908214West Town Street (SR 642) – Yantic, Norwichtown (NB)
To Route 2 west / Route 32 north – Hartford, Colchester, Lebanon (SB)
18.1729.248318 Route 97 – Taftville, Occum, Baltic
Lisbon19.5331.4383A19 Route 169 – Lisbon, TaftvilleNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
21.1634.0584S–N21 Route 12 – Jewett City, Griswold, Lisbon, TaftvilleSigned as exits 21A (north) and 21B (south) southbound
Griswold22.2835.868522 Route 164 / Route 138 – Jewett City, Preston, Pachaug, Griswold
24.2639.048624 Route 201 – Hopeville, Jewett City
WindhamPlainfield28.2345.438728Lathrop Road (SR 647) – Plainfield, Hopeville
29.6547.728829 Route 14A – Plainfield, Sterling Hill, Oneco
32.3051.988932 Route 14 – Canterbury, Moosup, Sterling
35.5057.139035 To US 6 east – Providence, RINorthbound exit and southbound left entrance; access via Connecticut Turnpike
Killingly37.6260.5491E–W37 US 6 – Danielson, East Brooklyn, South Killingly, Hartford, WillimanticSigned as exit 37A (east) and 37B (west) southbound
38.4061.809238Lhomme Street / Westcott Road (SR 607) – South Killingly, Danielson
41.1666.249341 Route 101 – Dayville, East Killingly, Rogers, Pomfret
42.9969.199443Lake Road – Attawaugen, Ballouville
Putnam45.2472.819545Kennedy Drive / Park Road – Putnam
46.0974.179646 To Route 12 / Heritage Road – Putnam, Putnam Heights
47.0575.729747 US 44 – Pomfret, Putnam, East Putnam, Woodstock, Providence
Thompson49.5279.699849 Route 12 – Grosvenor DaleNorthbound left exit and southbound entrance
50.2580.879950 Route 200 – Thompson, North Grosvenor Dale
53.5786.2110053Wilsonville Road – East Thompson, Wilsonville
 ConnecticutMassachusetts state line
MassachusettsWorcesterWebster1.0061.61911 Route 193 – Webster
2.5784.14923 Route 16 – Webster, Douglas
4.0256.47834Cudworth Road – North Webster, South OxfordExit partially in Oxford
Oxford6.58310.59447Sutton Avenue – Oxford, SuttonSplit into exits 4A (east) and 4B (west)
8.98914.46659Depot Road – North Oxford
Auburn11.49518.4996A11A US 20 east to Route 146 – Shrewsbury
11.50018.5076B11B US 20 west – Sturbridge
11.9419.22 I‑290 east to I‑90 / Mass Pike – Worcester, AuburnContinuation as I-290
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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