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Interstate 444 marker

Interstate 444
Inner Dispersal Loop
I-444 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of I-44
Maintained by ODOT
Length2.51 mi[1] (4.04 km)
Existedearly 1970s[citation needed]–present
Major junctions
West end I-244 / US-64 / US-75 / SH-51 in Tulsa
East end I-244 / US-75 / US-412 in Tulsa
Highway system
Oklahoma State Highway System

Interstate 444 (I-444) is an unsigned auxiliary route of the Interstate Highway System, with both ends at I-244 in downtown Tulsa in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. It makes up the eastern and southern sections on the square-shaped Inner Dispersal Loop.

It is signed as US-75, with the first half of the highway also being signed as US-64 and State Highway 51 (SH-51). The I-444 designation does appear on Rand McNally maps, and also on some online maps, such as Bing Maps.


At the time I-44 was designated, the mile markers in the Tulsa area were in the 90s range. Rather than having their own numbers, I-244 and I-444 started their numbering based on what mile marker the highways were at when they branched off. Therefore, one exit along I-444 was labeled "94D". When the I-444 signs were removed from the highway and the "94" numbers were removed from the other markers (their gore signs simply bore the letter suffixes "A", "B", and "C") the 94D marking remained. The number became even more out of place when the other signs were replaced, bearing no exit numbers.[2]

Exit list[edit]

Exit numbers and mileposts no longer exist (see #History section above for explanation of exit numbers). The entire route is in Tulsa, Tulsa County.

mikmOld exitNew exitDestinationsNotes
0.000.0094A I-244 west / US-75 south (Red Fork Expressway) – Okmulgee, Oklahoma CityWestern terminus; I-244 exit 4B; western end of US-75 concurrency
94B I-244 east / US-64 / SH-51 (Red Fork Expressway) – Sand Springs, JoplinWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; Western end of US-64/SH-51 concurrency
94C11th Street / Houston AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
94D13th Street / Denver Avenue / Cheyenne Avenue
95 US-64 / SH-51 east (Broken Arrow Expressway) – Broken ArrowEastern end of US-64/SH-51 concurrency
96A7th Street – Downtown
2.514.0496B I-244 / US-412 east (Crosstown Expressway) – JoplinEastbound exit and westbound entrance
96C I-244 / US-412 west (Crosstown Expressway) / US-75 north (Cherokee Expressway) – Oklahoma City, BartlesvilleEastern terminus; old exit number was for I-244/US 412; I-244 exit 6B; eastern end of US-75 concurrency
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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