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Interstate 69E marker

Interstate 69E
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
ExistedDecember 5, 2011 (2011-12-05) (as I-69)–present
East Rio Grande Valley segment
Length53.3 mi[1] (85.8 km)
South end US 77 / US 83 / University Blvd. in Brownsville (Will be extended to Mexico border)
I-169 / SH 550 Toll in Olmito
I-2 / US 83 in Harlingen
North end
US 77 / Bus. US 77 near Raymondville
Corpus Christi area segment
Length7.8 mi (12.6 km)
South end US 77 / SH 44 in Robstown
North end I-37 / US 77 in Corpus Christi
CountiesCameron, Willacy; Nueces
Highway system

Interstate 69E (I-69E) is a north-south freeway running through South Texas. Once complete the freeway will begin in Brownsville and head northward before terminating near Victoria as both I-69W and I-69E intersect into Interstate 69 toward Houston. For its entire length, I-69E shares its alignment with US 77.


The interchange between I-37 and I-69E/US 77 in Corpus Christi.

A stated goal of Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) I-69 initiative is that "existing suitable freeway sections of the proposed system be designated as I-69 as soon as possible."[2] A bill was introduced and passed by the House of Representatives that allows interstate quality sections of US 59, US 77, and US 281 to be signed as I-69 regardless of whether or not they connected to other interstate highways.

Texas Department of Transportation submitted an application to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to designate 75 miles of US 59 in the Houston area and 8 miles of US 77 near Corpus Christi as I-69, as these sections are already built to interstate standards and connect to other interstate highways. In August 2011, TxDOT received approval from FHWA for a six-mile segment of US 77 between I-37 and SH 44 near Corpus Christi, and was approved by the AASHTO in October 2011.[3] Officials held a ceremony on December 5, 2011 to unveil I-69 signs on the Robstown-Corpus Christi section.[4]

The Federal Highway Administration approved the designation for the East Rio Grande Valley Segment on May 24, 2013,[5] and the Texas Transportation Commission followed suit on May 30, 2013.[6] This action finalized the designations of not only I-69E, but also of the sections of I-69C from Pharr north to the end of the US 281 freeway facility near Edinburg, and also Interstate 2 (I-2), which is a 46.8-mile (75.3 km) freeway that runs from Penitas to Harlingen and connects with I-69C and I-69E.[5] These approvals added over 100 miles (160 km) to the Interstate Highway System in the Rio Grande Valley.[7] The signage was installed in summer 2013.[8]

As of June 2013, the cluster consisting of the recently designated portions of I-69E, I-69C, and I-2 in the Rio Grande Valley is not connected to the national Interstate network. This situation is slated to be remedied by scheduled projects to complete I-69E along US 77 between Raymondville and Robstown, and to complete the southern end of the previously signed portion of the I-69 corridor connecting with I-37 west of Corpus Christi. Environmental Protection Agency approval for the upgrade of the US 77 alignment to Interstate standards, including bypasses of the towns along the 91-mile (146 km) routing, was obtained through a Finding of No Significant Impact statement issued on July 13, 2012;[9] funding for the various projects to effect the upgrades is slated to become available after 2015.[10]

Exit list[edit]

CameronBrownsville0.000.00 US 77 south / US 83 south – Veterans International BridgeContinues south to University Boulevard; southern terminus of US 77 / US 83 concurrency
0.110.180Polk StreetSouthbound exit only
0.831.341A SH 4 (International Boulevard) – International Airport, Gateway International Bridge
1B12th Street / 14th StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
1.542.481C6th StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
2.153.462 SH 48 (Boca Chica Boulevard) – Airport
3.235.203Price Road / Old Alice Road
Bus. US 77 south / FM 802 (Ruben M. Torres Sr. Boulevard)
To Brownsville Baptist Medical Center
4.847.795Pablo Kisel Boulevard / Morrison Road
6.4910.446 FM 3248 (Alton Gloor Boulevard)To Valley Regional Medical Center
7.3311.807Stillman Road / Old Alice Road
8.4713.638Merryman Road
9.2814.939 FM 1732 – Olmito
10.2316.4610A SH 550 to FM 511 – Port of Brownsville
10B I-169 east / SH 550 Toll east – Port of BrownsvilleSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
11.4718.4611 FM 803 – Rancho Viejo
11.8819.1212Carmen Avenue
13.7122.0613Roberta Road
14.8223.8514 SH 100 / FM 1421 – South Padre Island
15.9225.6216Frontage Road
Bus. US 77 north / FM 732 – San Benito
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
San Benito18.1529.2118 FM 510 / FM 732 – San Benito
19.1630.8419AMcCulloch StreetNo direct southbound exit (signed at exit 19B)
19.6731.6619B SH 345 / FM 2520 (Sam Houston Boulevard) / Ratliff StreetRatliff Street signed at exit 21 southbound
21.1634.0521 Spur 486 (Williams Road)
22.1735.6822 FM 509 (Paso Real Highway)
Harlingen23.3337.5523A Loop 499 east (Ed Carey Drive) / FM 801 west – AirportTo Valley Baptist Medical Center
23.7838.2723BNew Hampshire StreetNo direct northbound exit (signed at exit 23A)
24.7639.8524 FM 1479 (Rangerville Road) / F Street
25.5741.1525M StreetNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
25.8941.6726ALincoln AvenueNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
26.4442.5526B I-2 west / US 83 west – McAllenNorth end of US 83 overlap; I-2 exit 176; eastern terminus of I-2
Bus. US 83 west (Harrison Avenue) / Tyler Avenue (Spur 206 east)
Spur 54 (Fairpark Boulevard) / Bus. US 83 west
no direct northbound exit (signed at exit 26C)
27.9845.0328 FM 2994 (Wilson Road)
HarlingenCombes line29.0046.6729A
Bus. US 77 / Loop 499 (Primera Road)
Signed as exit 29 southbound
Bus. US 77 north
Northbound exit only
Combes30.6249.2830 SH 107 / FM 508 – Santa Rosa, Rio Hondo
Bus. US 77 south
34.6755.8034Orphanage Road / V Road
Bus. US 77 north – Sebastian
WillacySebastian38.1961.4638 Spur 413 west / FM 2629 east
39.2063.0939 FM 1018
42.2267.9542A FM 498 (Parker Road)No direct southbound exit (signed at exit 42B)
Lyford42.8168.9042B Spur 112 (Broadway Street)
44.7271.9744 Spur 56
45.8673.8045 FM 490
Raymondville46.9975.6247 FM 3168
48.0377.3048 SH 186 – Raymondville, Port Mansfield
49.5479.7349 FM 1762No direct northbound exit (signed at exit 51)
Bus. US 77 south / Conley Road – Raymondville
Gap in route, connection made via US 77
NuecesRobstown FM 892
144.0231.7 SH 44 east – Robstown, Corpus Christi
145.0233.4 SH 44 west – Alice
146.1235.1CR 44Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Bus. US 77 south to SH 44 west / CR 48 – Robstown, Alice
Corpus Christi148.3238.7CR 52No direct northbound exit (signed at FM 624)
150.0241.4 FM 624 (Northwest Boulevard) / Leopard StreetTo Corpus Christi Medical Center-Northwest
150.2241.7 I-37 / US 77 north – San Antonio, Victoria, Corpus ChristiExit 14 on I-37
Sharpsburg RoadNorthbound exit only
US 77 northContinues north as US 77
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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