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Interstate 70 marker

Interstate 70
I-70 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KDOT and KTA
Length424.15 mi[1] (682.60 km)
Major junctions
West end I-70 / US 24 at Colorado state line
  I-135 / US-81 in Salina
I-470 / US-75 near Topeka
US-40 / K-4 / Kansas Turnpike / I-470 near Topeka
I-435 in Kansas City
I-635 in Kansas City
I-670 in Kansas City
East end I-70 / US 24 / US 40 / US 169 at Missouri state line
CountiesSherman, Thomas, Logan, Gove, Trego, Ellis, Russell, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Saline, Dickinson, Geary, Riley, Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Douglas, Leavenworth, Wyandotte
Highway system
  • Kansas State Highway System

In the U.S. state of Kansas, Interstate 70 contains the first segment to start being paved and to be completed in the Interstate Highway System. It extends from the Colorado border near the town of Kanorado to the Missouri border in Kansas City. The route covers 424 miles (682 km) and passes through several of the state's principal cities in the process including Kansas City, Topeka, and Salina. The route also passes through the cities of Lawrence, Junction City, and Abilene.

Route description[edit]

Interstate 70 in Kansas, Exit 1, Kanorado
I-70 crossing on the Lewis & Clark Viaduct over the Kansas River from Kansas to Missouri in Kansas City, as seen from Quality Hill.

I-70 is concurrent with US-24 from the Colorado state line until US-24 splits at Levant and runs north of I-70. At Colby, I-70 begins to turn southeast until it reaches Oakley, where US-40 joins with I-70 for a concurrent journey through most of the state. The route remains flat until it reaches the county line between Russell and Ellsworth counties, where the road begins to traverse the Smoky Hills.

At Salina, Interstate 135 begins its journey southward toward Wichita, and I-70 continues through Abilene and Junction City, where the road begins to run through the Flint Hills.

In Topeka, I-70 intersects a child route, I-470, twice. The second time it is intersected, the Kansas Turnpike merges, making I-70 into a toll road. This is one of only two sections of I-70 that are tolled (the other is along the Pennsylvania Turnpike), with the maximum toll distance costing $3.50 as of 2018.[2] I-70 carries this designation from Topeka to Bonner Springs. It is the eastern terminus of the turnpike, and from there to 18th Street and extending on to the Kansas eastern border, the highway is free.

I-70 enters Missouri via a main northern route on the Lewis and Clark Viaduct above the confluence of the Kansas River and Missouri River and a route designated "Alternate I-70" which has signs for I-70 as well as Interstate 670 just south of Kansas City main downtown area.

From Exit 275 at Abilene to the Missouri state line, the road is named the Dwight D. Eisenhower-Harry S. Truman Presidential Highway. It retains the designation until Exit 16 in Missouri at Independence, the location of Truman's presidential library.


The section of I-70 that is now the Kansas Turnpike was finished by 1956 and opened to traffic.[3][4] West of Topeka, the freeway was constructed from Topeka west to Salina at its junction with U.S. Route 81, as well as from Ogallah to Grainfield.[5] From Salina, the freeway was completed through Wilson the next year. A segment of I-70 from Levant through Ogallah was finished by 1965.[6] Another section was built the following year connecting Wilson to Grainfield.[7] The freeway was completed through Kansas with a last section near the Colorado border in 1970.[8]

Exit list[edit]

Exit numbers correspond to the mileposts where they're located (numbered east from the Colorado border), except for those at miles 381, 386, 388, 396, and 408, which are part of the Kansas Turnpike and use its mileposts (numbered nominally north from the Oklahoma border) instead.

Kansas–Colorado line0.0000.000 I-70 / US 24 continue west into Colorado
Sherman11.61 K-267 – Kanorado
9149County Road 11
121912County Road 14
US-24 Bus. east / K-27 – Sharon Springs, St. Francis
US-24 Bus. west – Goodland
274327 K-253 – Edson
Thomas365836 K-184 – Brewster
457245 US-24 east – LevantEastern terminus of US-24 concurrency
Colby538553 K-25 – Leoti, Atwood
548754Country Club Drive
6210062County Road K
70.00112.6570 US-83 – Oakley, Rexford
No major junctions
Gove7612276 US-40 west – Oakley, Sharon SpringsWestern terminus of US-40 concurrency
7912779Campus Road
8513785 K-216 – Grinnell
K-23 south / K-23 Alt. north – Grainfield, Gove
West end of K-23 overlap
9515395 K-23 north – Grainfield, HoxieEast end of K-23 overlap
9915999 K-211 – Park
Quinter107172107 K-212 / Castle Rock Road – Quinter
Trego115185115 K-198 north – Collyer
120.0193.1120Voda Road
US-40 Bus. east / US-283 – WaKeeney, Ness City
US-40 Bus. west to US-283 north – WaKeeney, Hill City
135217135 K-147 – Ogallah
140.0225.3140Riga Road
EllisEllis145233145 K-247 – Ellis
153246153Yocemento Avenue
US-183 Byp. – Hays, La Crosse
159256159 US-183 – Hays, Stockton
161259161Commerce Parkway
163262163Toulon Avenue
168270168 K-255 – Victoria
172277172Walker Avenue
Russell175282175176th Street – GorhamFormer K-257
180.0289.7180Balta Road
US-40 Bus. east / US-281 – Russell, Hoisington
US-40 Bus. west / Pioneer Road
193311193Bunker Hill Road
Dorrance199320199DorranceFormer K-231
Ellsworth206332206 K-232 – Wilson, Lucas
209336209Sylvan Grove
219352219 K-14 south – EllsworthWest end of K-14 overlap
221356221 K-14 north – LincolnEast end of K-14 overlap
225362225 K-156 – Ellsworth, Great Bend
Lincoln233375233Beverly, Carneiro
Saline238383238Brookville, Tescott
244393244Hedville, Culver
249401249Halstead Road
250.0402.3250A-B I-135 south / US-81 – Wichita, ConcordiaNorthern terminus of I-135, exits 95A-B; cloverleaf interchange.
Salina252406252 K-143 (Ninth Street)
253407253Ohio Street
260.0418.4260Niles Road
DickinsonSolomon266428266Solomon RoadFormer K-221
272438272Fair Road
Abilene275443275 K-15 – Abilene, Clay Center
277446277Jeep Road
281452281 K-43 – Enterprise
286460286 K-206 – Chapman
Geary290.0466.7290Milford Lake Road
Junction City295475295 US-77 / K-18 west – Marysville, HeringtonWest end of K-18 overlap
US-40 Bus. east (Washington Street)
298480298East Street / Chestnut Street
Grandview Plaza299481299Flinthills Boulevard (US-40 Bus. / K-57) / J Hill Road
US-40 Bus. west / K-57 – Council Grove
No westbound entrance
301484301Fort Riley, Marshall Field
303488303 K-18 east – ManhattanEast end of K-18 overlap
304489304Humboldt Creek Road
307494307McDowell Creek Road
311501311Moritz Road
313504313 K-177 – Council Grove, Manhattan
Riley316509316Deep Creek Road
318512318Frontage Road
Wabaunsee322518322Tallgrass Road
324521324Wabaunsee Road
328528328 K-99 – Wamego, Alma
330.0531.1330 K-185 – McFarland
332534332Spring Creek Road
333536333 K-138 – Paxico
335539335Snokomo Road
338544338Vera Road
341549341 K-30 – Maple Hill
342550342Keene-Eskridge Road
343552343Ranch RoadPrivate interchange for Hudson Ranch
Shawnee346557346Carlson Road
347558347West Union Road
350.0563.3350Valencia Road
351565351Frontage RoadEastbound exit and westbound entrance
353568353 K-4 west (Auburn Road)West end of K-4 overlap
Topeka355571355 I-470 east / US-75 south – TopekaWest end of US-75 overlap; western terminus of I-470, exit 1A to 70 east westbound.
356573356Wanamaker Road
357575357AFairlawn RoadSigned as exit 357 eastbound
357BDanbury LaneWestbound exit only
358576358A US-75 northEast end of US-75 overlap; signed as exit 358 eastbound
358BGage BoulevardSigned as exit 358 eastbound
359578359MacVicar Avenue
361581361A1st AvenueProvides access to Topeka Boulevard; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
361B3rd Street / Monroe StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
362583362A4th StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
362B8th AvenueSigned as exit 362 eastbound
362C10th Avenue / Madison StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
363584363Adams Street / Branner Trafficway
364586364ACalifornia Avenue
364BCarnahan Avenue / Deer Creek Trafficway
365587365Rice Road
366589366 US-40 / K-4 east / Kansas Turnpike / I-470 west – WichitaLast free exit eastbound; east end of US-40/K-4 overlap
367591East Topeka Interchange toll plaza
West end of toll road
183 I-470 / Kansas Turnpike west to I-335 – South Topeka, WichitaWest end of Kansas Turnpike overlap; Kansas Tpke. exit 183; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; exit numbers follow KTA mileage
372599Topeka Service Area
Douglas381613197 K-10 east (South Lawrence Trafficway) – Lecompton, LawrenceToll exit numbers follow Kansas Turnpike; access to Lecompton provided by CR-438 (North 1800 Road)
Lawrence386621202 To US-59 south – Lawrence
388624204 US-40 / US-59 to US-24 – Lawrence
Leavenworth393632Lawrence Service Area
Tonganoxie396637212Tonganoxie, Eudora
401645Eastern Terminal toll plaza
East end of toll road
WyandotteKansas City408657224 K-7 / US-73 north / US-24 west / US-40 west – Bonner Springs, LeavenworthExit number follows Kansas Turnpike mileposts; last free exit westbound; west end of US-24/US-40 overlap; southern terminus of US-73; westbound exits signed as exit 224A (south) and 224B (north)
410660410110th Street – Kansas SpeedwayExit numbers follow mileage of I-70.
411661411A-B I-435I-435 exits 12A-B; signed as exits 411A (south) and 411B (north)
41466641478th Street
415668415Turner Diagonal / College ParkwaySigned as exits 415A (Turner Diagonal) and 415B (College Parkway) eastbound
41767141757th Street
418673418A-B I-635 – St Joseph, WichitaSigned as exits 418A (north) and 418B (south) eastbound; westbound access is part of exit 419; I-635 exits 4A-B
419674419Park Drive / 38th Street
420680420A US-69 south (18th Street Expressway)West end of US-69 overlap; east end of Kansas Turnpike
420B18th Street north
421678421ARailroad Yard – No outlet, railroad use onlyWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
421B I-670 east to I-35 south – St. LouisEastbound exit and westbound entrance
422679422A US-69 north (7th Street Trafficway)East end of US-69 overlap
422B US-169 south (7th Street Trafficway)West end of US-169 overlap
422CPacific Avenue
422DCentral Avenue
423681423A5th StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
423BJames Street / 3rd StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
423CMinnesota Avenue / Washington BoulevardWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
423DFairfax DistrictWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Kansas–Missouri line424.15682.60 I-70 / US 24 / US 40 east / US 169 north continue into Missouri
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes[edit]

I-70 has two auxiliary routes in Kansas:

  • I-470 - a loop around the southern side of Topeka, signed as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway and overlapping the Kansas Turnpike on the southeast side of town.
  • I-670 - an alternate route for I-70 travelers through downtown Kansas City, signed as the Dillingham Freeway and as Alternate I-70.


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