Intavaroros Suriyavongse

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Chao Intawaroros Suriyawong (Thai: เจ้าอินทวโรรสสุริยวงศ์) (d. 1909) was the 35th and penultimate King of Lanna and 8th Ruler of Chiang Mai, reigning 1897–1910. He succeeded upon the death of Inthawichayanon. His successor became Chao Kao Naovarat.

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  • The painting of the king: (bottom row,second from right) [1]
Intavaroros Suriyavongse
Born: 6 May 1859 Died: 5 January 1910
Regnal titles
Preceded by
as the King Ruler
Prince Ruler of Chiang Mai
Succeeded by
Kaew Naovarat