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Inti Briones (born in 1971 in Peru) is a cinematographer best known for his digital video work on rural locations with Chilean filmmakers such as Raúl Ruiz, José Luis Torres Leiva, Cristián Jiménez, Alejandro Fernández Almendras and Dominga Sotomayor Castillo.[1] Briones grew up in Lima with his Chilean-born mother, Sybila Arredondo,[2][3] before leaving to study film at the Chatelet Les Halles in 1990. Afterwards he took up residence in Chile, where he learned from veteran Chilean directors including Héctor Ríos and Raul Ruíz.[4] In 1996 Briones served as president of the Chilean Association of Short-Filmmakers.[5] In 2013, Briones was named as one of Variety Magazine's "10 Cinematographers to Watch."[6]




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