Inti Watana, Calca

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This article is about the archaeological site in the Pisac District, Calca Province, Cusco Region, Peru. For other uses, see Inti Watana.
Inti Watana
Sun Temple at Pisac, Peru.jpg
Inti Watana
Location Peru
Region Cusco Region, Calca Province
Coordinates 13°24′51.8″S 71°50′39.3″W / 13.414389°S 71.844250°W / -13.414389; -71.844250Coordinates: 13°24′51.8″S 71°50′39.3″W / 13.414389°S 71.844250°W / -13.414389; -71.844250

Inti Watana or Intiwatana (Quechua)[1][2] is an archaeological site in Peru. It lies in the Cusco Region, Calca Province, Pisac District.[3]

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