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The Intimate Theatre was a repertory theatre in Palmers Green, London from 1937 to 1987, and is the name commonly used for St. Monica's Church Hall.


St. Monica's Church Hall was built in 1931, and the actor John Clements turned the building into the Intimate Theatre in 1935.[1] It became a full-time professional repertory theatre in 1937.[2]

After he was demobbed, Roger Moore was a member of the repertory company, and earned about £10 per week.[3] In the late 1940s, the BBC televised 14 plays from the theatre.

During the 1960s, the repertory company put on a new play each week,[4] although Max Rietmann's Hot and Cold in all Rooms played to a capacity audience for three weeks in 1962.[5] In 1968 Richard Todd starred in Manchester with a load of mischief with Dilys Laye. In 1968, David Bowie acted the role of Cloud in Pierrot In Turquoise at the theatre.[6]

In 1969, the building reverted for a short time to its use as a church hall before returning to its use as a theatre.[7]

In 1987, the usage as a theatre was reduced to allow the church to hold other events.[8]

Current use[edit]

It has a current capacity of 435 Today (2012) the theatre is used by Protos Theatre & Arts Group, The London Pantomimers, [9] Acorn Theatre Company, [10] Saint Monica's Players, [11] and other amateur drama groups. It is located on Green Lanes.[2]


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Further reading[edit]

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