Intlo Srimathi Veedhilo Kumari

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Intlo Srimathi Veedhilo Kumari
Directed by K. Vasu
Produced by Allu Aravind
Written by Chintapalli Ramana
Starring Srikanth
Prabhu Deva
Aarti Chhabria
Music by Ghantadi Krishna
Cinematography Jayaram
Edited by Marthand K. Venkatesh
Siri Media Arts
Release date
  • 13 August 2004 (2004-08-13)
Running time
135 mins
Country India
Language Telugu

Intlo Srimathi Veedhilo Kumari is a 2004 Telugu comedy-drama film directed by K. Vasu. It stars Srikanth, Prabhu Deva and Aarti Chhabria in the lead roles. A remake of Priyadarshan's 2003 Hindi film Hungama, which itself borrowed its story from the director's Poochakkoru Mookkuthi (1984), Intlo Srimathi Veedhilo Kumari opened to mixed reviews in August 2004.[1]



Jeevi of gave the film a mixed review, citing "the first half is average and second half is a letdown" and "the main drawback of the film is the mistiming of comedy". He added "comedy films do not work out when the comedy timing in those films goes amiss".[2] Another critic from stated "on the evidence of this film, the director lacks the skill to handle such subjects with finesse" and added "there is a thin line dividing comedy and confusion and that he lets the film slip into the latter stream".[3]

The film did not perform well at the box office, and post-release, Srikanth stated he did the film for "emotional reasons" and signed the film on the belief that Allu Aravind had a good stature in the industry.[4]


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