Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

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"Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall" is a 1944 song performed as a duet by The Ink Spots, featuring Bill Kenny, and Ella Fitzgerald. Their recording was made on August 30, 1944 for Decca Records (catalog No. 23356B).[1] The song was written by Allan Roberts (lyrics) and Doris Fisher (melody). The name of the song originates from a quotation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from the poem "Rainy Day".[2] The song has also been included in the soundtrack for several videogames.

Chart performance[edit]

The successful single went to number one on both The Harlem Hit Parade and the pop chart.[3] The B-side of the single entitled, "I'm Making Believe" also became a popular hit[4] on both charts.

Cover versions[edit]

In pop culture[edit]

  • The song is included as part of the in-game radio station Diamond City Radio in the 2015 video game Fallout 4.
  • The song is included as part of the in-game radio station Galaxy News Radio's retro soundtrack in the 2008 video game Fallout 3.
  • The song can also be heard on the radio in the 2011 video game L.A. Noire.
  • It is played in the 2005 documentary Why We Fight.
  • "Into each life some rain must fall' is the opening line of the first verse to Deeper Shade of Blue by Steps.
  • The version by The Ink Spots and Ella Fitzgerald was used in the BBC series The Singing Detective (1986).[9]
  • The song was used in the 2001 'Transport' commercial of Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer.[10]
  • The line: "Into each life a little rain must fall" is used in The Rockford Files, season 1 episode 7 at the 10 minute mark. Episode name: "Tall Woman in a Red Wagon".


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