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Into Eternity
Origin Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Years active 1997−present
Labels DVS, Century Media
Associated acts Iced Earth
Members Amanda Kiernan
Tim Roth
Matt Cuthbertson
Troy Bleich
Bryan Newbury
Past members Stu Block
Jim Austin
Steve Bolognese
Rob Doherty
Chris Eisler
Chris Krall
Scott Krall
Christopher McDougall
Daniel Nargang
Justin Bender

Into Eternity is a Canadian progressive metal band from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Into Eternity was formed in 1997 by founding members Tim Roth, Scott Krall and Jim Austin and later released an eponymous, independent album in 1999, with the addition of Chris Eisler and Chris McDougall. The band signed to Century Media Records a year later and then re-released their debut album.

In 2001, the band returned with their second album Dead or Dreaming, an album which saw a more pronounced integration of progressive and death metal. The trend continued on 2004's Buried in Oblivion and even further on 2006's The Scattering of Ashes.[1]

Into Eternity performed on Gigantour 2006, which kicked off in Boise, Idaho on September 6, 2006.[2] According to Soundscan, The Scattering of Ashes sold a little over 2,000 copies in the US during its first week of release.[3] During the summer of 2007, Into Eternity (along with progressive metal band Redemption) toured in support of Dream Theater during their North American leg of the Chaos in Motion tour.[4] Their new album entitled, The Incurable Tragedy, which is a concept album, was released on August 25, 2008 in Europe and on September 2, 2008 in North America.

On March 9, 2011, Into Eternity announced the addition of drummer Bryan Newbury.[5] Also in 2011, Stu Block joined the band Iced Earth.[6]

In February 2012, Amanda Kiernan joined the band as their new vocalist. In late 2012, Into Eternity began demoing new material with both Block and Kiernan.[7]

On May 4, 2012, their former guitarist, Rob Doherty, died at the age of 41.[8]

In an interview in late 2013, Tim Roth confirmed that Stu Block was no longer a member and that they would continue on with Amanda Kiernan as a full-time vocalist.[citation needed] In May 2014, guitarist Justin Bender announced his departure from the band and that Untimely Demise guitarist Matt Cuthbertson would be his replacement. He also confirmed that Into Eternity's currently untitled sixth studio album was in the post-production stage and should see a release later in the year.[9] On June 15, 2015, Into Eternity signed a worldwide record deal with Italian label Kolony Records. The band planned release its sixth studio album Sirens in late 2015, but as of September 2016 the album is still not released.[10]

On December 5, 2016, their former drummer, Adam Sagan, died from cancer at the age of 35.[11]

Musical style[edit]

The band employs a wide range of elements across the metal spectrum, including classic or melodic metal styling, thrashing riffs, neo-classical composition, power metal-style clean vocals,[12][13] high to low-pitched death growls[12][13] and black metal shrieking,[14] fast tempoed death metal drumming with blast beats and sometimes interwoven with acoustic guitar playing.[13] Into Eternity provides a sound that is considered to be rather difficult to describe, but the most common description of Into Eternity's music is progressive death metal.[1][15]

Band members[edit]

Current members
  • Tim Rothguitar, backing vocals (1997−present)
  • Troy Bleich − bass, backing vocals (2004−present)
  • Matt Cuthbertson − guitar (2014−present)
  • Bryan Newbury − drums (2011−present)
  • Amanda Kiernan − lead vocals (2012–present)
Former members
  • Justin Bender − guitar (2006−2014)
  • Jim Austin − drums (1997−2006)
  • Chris Eisler − guitar (1999)
  • Christopher McDougall − keyboards (1999−2001)
  • Scott Krall − bass, backing vocals (1997−2005)
  • Daniel Nargang − guitar, clean vocals (2001)
  • Chris Krall − clean and death vocals (2003−2004)
  • Rob Doherty − guitar, death vocals (2003−2005) (deceased)
  • Collin Craig − guitar (2006)
  • Dean Sternberg − vocals (2004)
  • Adam Sagan − drums (2005) (deceased)
  • Steve Bolognese − drums (2006−2011)
  • Stu Block − lead vocals (2005−2011)



Studio albums[edit]

Date of release Title Label Heatseekers peak US sales
1999 Into Eternity DVS -
2001 Dead or Dreaming -
2004 Buried in Oblivion Century Media -
2006 The Scattering of Ashes 45[16] 1,800
2008 The Incurable Tragedy 17 1,900[17]


Date of release Title Label
2011 "Sandstorm"[18] Century Media
2012 "Fukushima"[19]

Music videos[edit]

  • "Spiraling into Depression" (2004)
  • "Severe Emotional Distress" (2006)
  • "Timeless Winter" (2007)
  • "Time Immemorial" (2008)


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