Into Paradise

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Into Paradise
Origin Dublin, Ireland
Genres Indie rock, Alternative rock
Years active 1988–1993
Labels Setanta, Ensign
Members David Long
Rachael Tighe
James Eadie
Ronan Clarke

Into Paradise were an indie rock group from Dublin, Ireland, whose influences included Joy Division and Echo & the Bunnymen. They formed in 1986 as Backwards into Paradise, and released their debut EP, Blue Light, in 1989 on the independent record label, Setanta. Soon after came the EP Change, and the band's first album, Under the Water.

Their most successful album, and major record label debut was the Adrian Borland produced, Churchtown.


  • David Long (Vocals, guitar)
  • Rachael Tighe (Bass)
  • James Eadie (Guitar, keyboards, vocals)
  • Ronan Clarke (Drums)


  • Blue Light (EP) (1989)
  • Change (EP) (1990)
  • Under the Water (1990)
  • Into Paradise (1990 US only compilation)
  • "Burns My Skin" (single) (1991)
  • Churchtown (1991)
  • "Angel" (Single) (1991)
  • "Down All the Days" (1992)
  • "Angelus" (7" Single) (1992)
  • "For No One" (1993)

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