Into the Millennium Tour

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Into the Millennium Tour
Tour by Backstreet Boys
BkStBoys 2001TourProgramme.jpg
Cover of the tour programme
Associated albumMillennium
Start dateJune 2, 1999 (1999-06-02)
End dateMarch 15, 2000 (2000-03-15)
No. of shows123
Backstreet Boys concert chronology

The Into the Millennium Tour was the fourth concert tour by the Backstreet Boys in support of their third studio album, Millennium (1999). The tour comprised 123 in 84 cities spanning three legs.[1] The North American legs featured concerts at arenas and stadiums and it became the fastest grossing tour of all time.

The tour was beaten by the Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Reunion Tour for the Pollstar Concert Industry Award for Major Tour of the Year for 1999, but won the award for Most Creative Stage Production.[2]


Performing during the tour

Before the tour commenced, the group filmed a Disney Channel concert special on May 11, 1999 from the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City. The first leg of the tour was a European leg, which ran from June 2–August 7, 1999 and featured more than 40 concerts in over 30 cities and 13 countries. The first leg of the North American tour initially sold 53 dates (40 announced and 13 added due to demand)[3] in 39 cities, scheduled to run from September 14–December 2, 1999.[4][5] The entire leg sold out on the August 14 onsale date.[6] The reported 765,000 tickets grossed sales estimated at $30 million, with face values set at $28.50 and $38.50,[5][7] putting the entire tour onsale on one morning was an unusual sales method which allowed the onsale to become an event and resulted in broken sales records.[8] A majority of the tickets sold out within the first hour of the sale, and several venues set records for sell-out speed.[8][9] After adding several additional shows, the leg ultimately comprised 53 shows with some venues hosting three consecutive shows. As a result of Hurricane Floyd, which was approaching Florida, the band was forced to postpone the first two tour dates from September 14 and 15 to December 5 and 6.[10]

This leg (if not also the final leg) was officially titled "Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour", as Sears sponsored at least the first North American leg, as did Polaroid.[11] The second North American leg of the tour ran from February 11–March 15, 2000.[1] The concert at Georgia Dome, Atlanta, was the 5th most attended concert in American history and the most attended concert by a pop artist.[12]

Ticket controversy[edit]

There was some controversy over the distribution of tickets at the Denver show of the first tour leg by promoter House of Blues Concerts. It was alleged that House of Blues had reserved a large number of tickets not purchased by season-ticket holders to private brokers, instead of offering them to the public. The brokers then resold the tickets for well above face value. The band subsequently requested that House of Blues donate $75,000 to a Columbine High School scholarship fund as compensation for their actions. The promoter agreed to make the donation to Columbine victims, but said it would offer the donation to a group of its own choosing, claiming the Columbine College Fund, chosen by the band's management, might not have been legitimate.[13][14]



The staging for the tour featured a pentagonal stage which situated in the center of each venue, with a 360-degree in the round design.[15]

The stage featured a pentagonal outer track with five ramps to a central circular platform. This platform would normally be higher than the rest of the stage, but could be lowered down below the stage to allow the band to enter from or exit to the "understage" area (equivalent to "backstage"); the ramps would adjust accordingly. The platform and ramps could also be positioned flat at the level of the rest of the stage, creating a flat stage with only a slight step-up from the outer track to the center area.

The instrumental band was situated in the space between the outer track and the central platform, with band members separated from each other by the ramps. The stage was also accessible by stairways down off the outer edge of the stage to the venue floor, from where the "understage" could also be accessed. Among those involved in designing the staging was Mark Rabbit.[15]

Performance and show elements[edit]

The band was backed by both a six-member instrumental band and a complement of ten backup dancers (five male and five female).[15] The band would sometimes split up and perform with one member to each side or corner of the stage, but for much of the show, they performed to one side at a time, circling the stage (often as part of the choreographed dancing) throughout each song. The backup dancers sometimes performed for opposite side of the stage as the band. A video feed of the show was shown on video screens circling the overhead lighting rig.

The boys began each show in a curtained-off enclosure on the floor of the venue. The dancers carried torches onto the stage while marching to the prerecorded track of "The Imperial March". The boys would then rise from the curtained enclosure to the Star Wars theme song and ride to the stage on "hovering" surfboards by means of wire harnesses. They would circle the stage and present themselves to each side of the audience before starting the first song, "Larger than Life".

The boys used several costume changes during the show. They wore "futuristic/space" costumes for the first segment of the concert. Two versions of these costumes were built: The original outfits featured blue checkerboard turtlenecks under padded blue vests. The later outfits (introduced as of February 19 on the third leg of the tour). featured moulded armour-like tops which were individually designed for each member. Both costumes featured plain black pants. As the press is typically only permitted to photograph concerts for the first several songs, most press photos of the tour were of the band in their "space" costumes.

After the first three songs, each band member would separately introduce themselves to the audience as the others changed into their next costume. Initially this change involved removing the padded vests and wearing dark trench coats over the checkerboard turtlenecks from the space costumes. Later in the tour, the group donned black V-neck undershirts with the trenchcoats. They performed "As Long As You Love Me" with the song's signature "chair routine". The backup dancers performed an extended chair routine and the band played an extended instrumental outro as the boys changed into leather outfits for the next songs "Don't Wanna Lose You Now" and "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)", during which the boys were again hooked up to wire harnesses and flown over the crowd (each to a different side of the audience) during the song's outro. They would throw stuffed animals out to audience members from the air. During the extended instrumental outro to that song, the band would again change into red and black motocross racing deflectors (plastic upper body armor) on top of black shirts and pants. Metal ladders were added to the corners of the stage for the boys to climb and hang on to during the next song, "Don't Want You Back".

They removed the deflectors for the next song, "The Perfect Fan", which they performed with five sets of mothers and daughters from the audience brought onstage (Brian, Kevin and Howie brought their mothers up at one point). Following that, a grand piano was lowered onto the central platform, and Kevin Richardson played a piano duet with saxophonist Mindi Abair, leading into "Back To Your Heart", which Richardson co-wrote. Nick Carter also played drums at some of the later concerts. After another costume change into white outfits and an extended intro, the boys performed an up-tempo medley of "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", "We've Got It Goin' On" and "That's The Way I Like It".

An instrumental jazz melody was used to allow the band to change into suits (initially pink, but replaced with dark pin-striped suits later in the tour). They were raised on the central platform with stools and mic stands to sing a string of ballads. They added matching fedoras for the "hat-dance" routine in "All I Have To Give". "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" featured five of the female dancers slow-dancing on the outer track while the boys remained on the upper platform until after the bridge when the band members came down to the track to slow-dance with a dancer. They returned to the platform and were lowered under the stage to end the song, and ostensibly end the concert.

As an encore, the boys returned to the stage in street clothes to perform "It's Gotta Be You" with a break in the song to introduce each of the dancers and allow each pair of a male and female dancer to do a brief routine. They then introduced each instrumental band member and gave them each a solo. Finally, they circled the stage to bow to each side of the audience under a blast of confetti and ended the song, and again, ostensibly, the concert.

The boys returned once more with the final encore, "I Want It That Way", often adding a local sports jersey to their previous street clothes. After ending the song, an instrumental outro was played as the boys said their final goodnights, fooled around, shook hands with the audience members, and had a sing-along with the crowd to the final choruses of the song.


The Backstreet Boys agreed to a merchandising tie-in with Burger King to exclusively sell a set of three CDs and one VHS cassette featuring songs and video respectively from the tour.[16] Each For The Fans CD contained three live tracks from the tour, as well as three studio-recorded tracks, and enhanced computer content. The video contained footage of five songs, as well as interviews and other footage from around the tour. The material comes mainly from the concert in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Pre-Tour Set list (as filmed for the Disney Channel Concert)[edit]

  1. "Larger Than Life"
  2. "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)"
  3. "As Long as You Love Me"
  4. "All I Have to Give"
  5. "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely"
  6. "I'll Never Break Your Heart"
  7. "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"
  8. "I Want It That Way"
  9. "The Perfect Fan" (featuring The Boys Choir of Harlem)


  1. "Larger than Life"
  2. "Get Down (You're the One For Me)"
  3. "The One"
  4. "As Long as You Love Me"
  5. "Don't Wanna Lose You Now"
  6. "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)"
  7. "Don't Want You Back"
  8. "The Perfect Fan"
  9. "Back to Your Heart"
  10. "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" / "We've Got It Goin' On" / "That's the Way I Like It"
  11. "Spanish Eyes"
  12. "I'll Never Break Your Heart"
  13. "No One Else Comes Close"
  14. "All I Have to Give"
  15. "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely"
  1. "It's Gotta Be You"
  2. "I Want It That Way"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
June 2, 1999 Ghent Belgium Flanders Expo
June 3, 1999
June 4, 1999 Frankfurt Germany Festhalle Frankfurt
June 5, 1999 Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam Arena
June 7, 1999 Cologne Germany Kölnarena
June 8, 1999 Paris France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
June 10, 1999 Manchester England Manchester Evening News Arena
June 11, 1999 Newcastle Telewest Arena
June 13, 1999 Birmingham NEC Arena
June 14, 1999
June 16, 1999 London Earls Court Exhibition Centre
June 17, 1999
June 20, 1999 Mannheim Germany Maimarkthalle
June 21, 1999 Bielefeld Seidensticker Halle
June 22, 1999 Oberhausen König Pilsener Arena
June 24, 1999 Münster Muensterlandhalle
June 25, 1999 Stuttgart Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
June 26, 1999 Munich Olympiahalle
June 27, 1999 Zürich Switzerland Hallenstadion
June 29, 1999 Rome Italy Stadio Olimpico
July 1, 1999 Milan Forum di Assago
July 2, 1999
July 3, 1999
July 5, 1999 Vienna Austria Wiener Stadthalle
July 6, 1999 Rieden Germany Ostbayernhalle
July 7, 1999 Friedrichshafen Messehalle Friedrichshafen
July 9, 1999 Viareggio Italy Stadio dei Pini
July 11, 1999 San Sebastián Spain Velódromo de Anoeta
July 12, 1999 Zaragoza Pabellón Príncipe Felipe
July 13, 1999 Barcelona Palau Sant Jordi
July 14, 1999
July 16, 1999 Madrid Palacio de Deportes
July 18, 1999 Gijón Estadio Municipal El Molinón
July 21, 1999 Bremen Germany Stadthalle Bremen
July 22, 1999 Leipzig Messehalle 7
July 23, 1999 Berlin Velodrom
July 24, 1999
July 26, 1999 Rotterdam Netherlands Rotterdam Ahoy Sportpaleis
July 27, 1999
July 29, 1999 Copenhagen Denmark Forum Copenhagen
July 30, 1999 Oslo Norway Oslo Spektrum
July 31, 1999
August 2, 1999 Helsinki Finland Hartwall Areena
August 3, 1999
August 5, 1999 Gothenburg Sweden Scandinavium
August 6, 1999 Stockholm Stockholm Globe Arena
August 7, 1999
North America[19][20]
September 17, 1999 Charlotte United States Charlotte Coliseum
September 18, 1999 Washington, D.C. MCI Center
September 19, 1999
September 21, 1999 Boston FleetCenter
September 22, 1999
September 23, 1999 East Rutherford Continental Airlines Arena
September 24, 1999
September 26, 1999 Uniondale Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
September 27, 1999
September 29, 1999 Philadelphia First Union Center
September 30, 1999
October 4, 1999 Columbus Value City Arena
October 5, 1999 Rosemont Allstate Arena
October 6, 1999
October 7, 1999
October 9, 1999 Minneapolis Target Center
October 12, 1999 Phoenix America West Arena
October 14, 1999 Anaheim Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
October 15, 1999
October 16, 1999 Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena
October 19, 1999 Inglewood Great Western Forum
October 20, 1999
October 21, 1999 San Jose San Jose Arena
October 22, 1999
October 25, 1999 Portland Rose Garden
October 26, 1999 Tacoma Tacoma Dome
October 28, 1999 Salt Lake City Delta Center
October 29, 1999
October 31, 1999 Denver Pepsi Center
November 2, 1999 Iowa City Carver–Hawkeye Arena
November 3, 1999 Madison Kohl Center
November 4, 1999 Milwaukee Bradley Center
November 6, 1999 Auburn Hills The Palace of Auburn Hills
November 7, 1999
November 8, 1999
November 10, 1999 Montreal Canada Molson Centre
November 11, 1999 Toronto SkyDome
November 12, 1999 Ottawa Corel Centre
November 14, 1999 Buffalo United States Marine Midland Arena
November 15, 1999 Cincinnati Firstar Arena
November 17, 1999 St. Louis Kiel Center
November 18, 1999 Kansas City Kemper Arena
November 20, 1999 New Orleans New Orleans Arena
November 21, 1999 Memphis Pyramid Arena
November 23, 1999 Birmingham BJCC Arena
November 24, 1999 Atlanta Philips Arena
November 26, 1999 Lexington Rupp Arena
November 27, 1999 Lexington Rupp Arena
November 28, 1999 Knoxville Thompson–Boling Arena
November 29, 1999 Nashville Gaylord Entertainment Center
December 1, 1999 Orlando Orlando Arena
December 2, 1999 Tampa Ice Palace
December 5, 1999 Sunrise National Car Rental Center
December 6, 1999
North America Leg 2
February 11, 2000 University Park United States Bryce Jordan Center
February 12, 2000
February 15, 2000 Albany Pepsi Arena
February 16, 2000
February 18, 2000 Raleigh Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena
February 19, 2000 Atlanta Georgia Dome
February 20, 2000 Greensboro Greensboro Coliseum
February 22, 2000 Greenville BI-LO Center
February 24, 2000 St. Petersburg Tropicana Field
February 26, 2000 New Orleans Louisiana Superdome
February 28, 2000 Houston Compaq Center
February 29, 2000
March 1, 2000 San Antonio Alamodome
March 3, 2000 Dallas Reunion Arena
March 4, 2000
March 5, 2000 Austin Frank Erwin Center
March 7, 2000 St. Louis Trans World Dome
March 9, 2000 Cleveland Gund Arena
March 10, 2000 Indianapolis Conseco Fieldhouse
March 11, 2000
March 13, 2000 East Lansing Breslin Student Events Center
March 14, 2000 Hamilton Canada Copps Coliseum
March 15, 2000 Toronto SkyDome
Cancellations and rescheduled shows
September 14, 1999 Sunrise, Florida National Car Rental Center Rescheduled to December 5, 1999
September 15, 1999 Sunrise, Florida National Car Rental Center Rescheduled to December 6, 1999
March 5, 2000 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Myriad Convention Center Arena Cancelled


  • Lead Vocals: Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, AJ McLean
  • Tour Director:
  • Tour Manager: Paul 'Skip' Rickert
  • Assistant Tour Manager: Tim Krieg
  • Co-Director: Denise McLean
  • Co-Director: Nicole Peltz
  • Press Liaison: Leila Eminson
  • Tour Accountant: Vincent Corry
  • Staff Photographer: Andre Csillig
  • Musical Director: William 'Bubba' Bryant
  • Costume Design: Jill Focke, Kerstin 'Kiki' Theileis, Janine Schreiber
  • Choreographer: Fatima Robinson**
  • Assistant Choreographer: Richard "Swoop" Whitebear***


  • Billy Evans: Nick's Security
  • Tom LeBrun: Head of Security/Brian's Security
  • Marc Preston: Howie's Security
  • Marcus Johnson: AJ's Security
  • Carlos Cardenas: Kevin's Security
  • John "Q" Elgani: Security*****


  • Keyboards: Tommy Smith
  • Guitars: Guy Walker, Dennis Gallo
  • Percussion / Saxophone: Mindi Abair
  • Drums / Music Direction : William 'Bubba' Bryant
  • Bass: Louie Vigilante


  • Kristin Denehy (now Cameron) (1999-2000)
  • Teresa LeBron (1999-2000)
  • Earl "Sleepy" Manning (1999-2000)
  • Roland "RoRo" Tabor (1999)*
  • Nicole "Nikki" DeLecia (1999-?)
  • "Elmo" (1999)*
  • Reginald "Reggie" Jackson (1999-2000)
  • Nefertiti Robinson** (1999-?)*
  • Amy Allen (1999)*
  • Richard "Swoop" Whitebear*** (1999)*
  • Richmond "Rich" Talauega (Barcelona 1999, 2000)****
  • Anthony "Tone" Talauega (2000)****
  • Ed Moore (1999)*
  • "Flli"
  • Raymond "Ray" Ultarte (1999)*
  • Melanie Lewis (now Lewis-Yribar)
  • Angela Elgani (née Randle)*****


  1. Indicates which dancer appear in 1999 *
  2. Fatima and Nefertiti Robinson are sisters **
  3. Swoop also assists Fatima for the rest of the tour ***
  4. Brothers Rich and Tone also choreograph the Boys' following tours: Never Gone, IAWLT, DNA and their Vegas residency ****
  5. One of the dancers, Angela, recently married Backstreet Boys security, John "Q" Elgani *****[21]


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