Into the Night

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Into the Night may refer to:

Film, television and radio[edit]

  • Into the Night (film), a 1985 American film starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Goldblum
    • B.B. King "Into the Night", a 1985 documentary film including the video for B. B. King's song "Into the Night", written for the above feature film
  • Into the Night, a 1928 American film starring Agnes Ayres
  • Into the Night, a 1985 Israeli film featuring Assi Dayan
  • Into the Night, a 1993 American same-sex pornographic film starring Chip Daniels, Mitch Taylor, and Matt Gunther
  • Into the Night, a 1980s/1990s UK radio programme presented by Nicky Campbell
  • Into the Night with Rick Dees, a 1990s late-night TV show hosted by Rick Dees