Into the Woods (novel)

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Into the Woods is a children's fantasy novel by Lyn Gardner illustrated by Mini Grey. It was first published in 2006.


Storm Eden is not inclined to take her mother's dying words too seriously. After all, Zella Eden was not a very serious woman. She never did much of anything other than sleeping, gazing at her own reflection and eating chocolate truffles in bed. Plus, the tiny musical pipe she pressed so urgently into Storm's hand doesn't look terribly powerful. It looks like a cheap pipe. But then the wrong hands her mother warned of come knocking on the door of Eden End. Hand that belong to the sinister Dr. DeWilde, a scar-faced gentleman with an unhealthy interest in rats. He wants that pipe, and he'll stop at nothing to get it. With no parents to protect them, Storm and her sisters, Aurora and Anything, have no choice except flee into the woods - with Dr. DeWilde's hungry pack of wolves snapping close at their heels and a host of new dangers awaiting them in the shadows.