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Macquarie Atlas Roads (ASXMQA) is one of the world's largest developers and operators of private toll roads.

Intoll demerger[edit]

Macquarie Infrastructure Group (MIG) had a portfolio of 11 toll roads across seven countries including Australia. In February 2010 MIG underwent a restructure into two separately listed companies; Intoll and Macquarie Atlas.[1] Whilst Macquarie Atlas continues to be managed by Macquarie, Intoll is internally managed. Murray Bleach is the Chief Executive Officer of Intoll.[2]

In 2010, (ASXITO) currently owns and manages a 25.0% interest in the Westlink M7 to the west of Sydney in Australia and a 30% interest in the 108 km-long Highway 407/ETR in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada.[3]

Intoll was acquired in full by Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) on 14 December 2010.[4]


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