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Genres Rap , Hip hop
Years active 1992 – present
Labels Wati B
Associated acts Mafia K'1 Fry
Members Demon One
Past members M.S. (died 1998)
Las Montana (died 1999)
Mamad (died 2003)

Intouchable is a French rap group from Choisy-le-Roi, Val-de-Marne, France founded in 1992 by the rappers Dry and Demon One. They are also part of the rap/urban collective Mafia K-1 Fry.

Besides important collaborations with the collective, the band released two albums, Les points sur les I in 2000 and La vie de rêve in 2005, as well as a mixtape and a maxi EP. Band members Dry and Demon One also released, in their turn, individual albums, mixtapes etc.


Main members were Demon One and Dry. But Intouchable had, at one time, a number of other member rappers. But more than one member's departures was in tragic circumstances

  • M.S. (real name Mansa Konaté) - disappeared in 1998 never to be found
  • Las Montana (real name Lassana Touré) - died in 1999 in very strange circumstances
  • Mamad - (real name Mamoudou Doucouré) - died in 2003 immediately after the release of an album by the Mafia K'1 Fry collective
  • Mokem - left the band



As Intouchable
Year Album Charts Notes Certification
2000 Les points sur les I - 1st studio album
2001 I Have a Dream - Maxi
2004 Original Mix-Tape - Mixtape
2005 La vie de rêve 30 2nd studio album
Solo - Demon One
Year Album Charts Notes Certification
2007 Mon rap - Street album
2008 Démons et merveilles 24 1st studio album
Solo - Dry
Year Album Charts Notes Certification
2008 De la pure pour les durs 54 Street tape
2009 Les derniers seront les premiers 25 1st studio album
2012 Tôt ou tard 18 2nd studio album
In collective Mafia K-1 Fry
  • 1997 : Les liens sacrés
  • 1999 : Légendaire
  • 2003 : La cerise sur le ghetto
  • 2007 : Jusqu'à la mort


As Intouchable
Year Single Charts Notes Certification
2004 " Ça fait plaisir"[4]
(Rohff featuring Intouchable)
2005 "La gagne"
(Intouchable feat. Tonton David)


(These are appearances as a band. For solo appearances, see Demon One and Dry pages)

As Intouchable (main)
  • 1998: Intouchable feat 113 & Ideal J - "La voie que j'ai donné à ma vie" in compilation album Nouvelle donne
  • 2001: Intouchable - "Freestyle" on the mixtape Pur son ghetto Vol. 1
  • 2001: Intouchable feat OGB - "Rap local" in the compilation Vitry club
  • 2003: Intouchable feat OGB - "Trouble" on soundtrack of film Taxi 3
  • 2003: Intouchable feat Rohff & Kamelancien - "La hass" in the compilation Street lourd hall stars
  • 2004: Intouchable feat Rohff - "Warriorz" in soundtrack of film Banlieue 13
  • 2005: Intouchable - "Rap haute performance" in compilation Rap performance
  • 2006: Intouchable feat Tonton David - "La gagne"
  • 2006: Intouchable feat Courti Nostra - "Amène tes oreilles" in the compilation Street couleur
  • 2006: Intouchable feat Natty - "Trop vite" in the compilation Street couleur
  • 2006: Intouchable - "Mafia K'1 Fry" in the compilation Independenza labels
  • 2006: Intouchable - "La puissance vient du ghetto" in the compilation album Kontract killer
  • 2006: Intouchable - "La niak" in the compilation Hip Hop fight
  • 2006: Intouchable feat Adams - "Interdit en radio" in the compilation Interdit en radio Vol.2
  • 2007: Intouchable feat Massil, Ritax & Pobouf - "La vie d'un jeune" in the compilation 1re escale
  • 2007: Intouchable - "Novembre 2005" in the compilation Block story
  • 2007: Intouchable - "Hymne à la racaille" in the compilation Représente ta rue Vol.2
  • 2007: Intouchable - "Chant de bataille" in the compilation Ghetto truands & Associés
  • 2007: Intouchable feat Alibi Montana & SMS Click - "Tout le monde à terre" in the compilation Premier combat Vol.1
  • 2007: Intouchable feat Six Coups MC & Sir Doum's - "Les vrais escrocs sont en costard" in the compilation Parole d'escrocs
As Intouchable (featured in)
  • 1999: Rohff feat Intouchable - "Manimal" in the Rohff album Le code de l'honneur
  • 1999: 113 feat Intouchable - "Hold up" in 113 album Les princes de la ville
  • 1999: Kennedy feat Intouchable - "La haine au cœur" in Kennedy's maxi Kennedy le sale gosse
  • 2001: Oxmo Puccino feat Intouchable - "Les raisons du crime" in Oxmo Puccino album L'amour est mort
  • 2001: Manu Key feat Intouchable - "A vive allure" in Manu Key's album Manuscrit
  • 2001: Poésie Urbaine feat Intouchable & M. Clyde - "Sorti de nulle part" in the Poésie Urbaine maxi Réflexion sèche
  • 2004: Rohff feat Intouchable - "Çà fait plaisir" in Rohff album La fierté des nôtres
  • 2004: Alibi Montana feat Intouchable - "Le son du ghetto" in Alibi album 1260 jours
  • 2005: WWO feat Intouchable - "Smak chwili" in the WWO album W Wyjątkowych okolicznościach
  • 2006: Booba feat Intouchable - "Au fond de la classe" in the Booba album Ouest Side
  • 2006: Seven feat Intouchable - "Ça fout l'seum" in Seven's album Mode de vie étrange
  • 2007: Manu Key feat Intouchable - "Le genre de mec" in Manu Kay album Prolifique Vol. 2
  • 2007: Beli Blanco feat Intouchable - "Enragés"
  • 2007: Sang Pleur feat Intouchable & Siko - "Block O.P.ratoire" in the compilation album Block O.P.ratoire
  • 2008: Kayliah feat Intouchable, Lino, Jacky & 2 Bal - "L'hymne du ghetto Remix" in the Kayliah album Caractère
  • 2008: L'Skadrille feat Intouchable - "T'as joué au con Part II" in the L'Skadrille album Des roses et des flinugues
  • 2008: Gooki feat Intouchable & Dawala - "Mon Rap" in the Gooki album Trop de choses à dire
  • 2009: Mister You feat Intouchable - "Le Guide de la débrouille" in Mister You album Misteur You, Arrete you si tu peux
  • 2011: Assoce 2 Malfrats feat Intouchable - "Pour ceux qui ont oublié" in the Assoce 2 Malfrats album L'amour du danger