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Intracom Holdings
Traded as ATHEX INTRK[1]
Founded 1977
Headquarters Athens, Greece
Area served
Middle East & Africa
South East Asia
Key people
Socrates Kokkalis
Products Telecoms, Electronics, Construction, IT

Intracom is a Greek group of companies, specialising in computer and defence system software development, as well as development and manufacture of telecommunications and defence equipment and electronics. Its founder and CEO is Socrates Kokkalis.


Intracom is Greece's largest multinational provider of telecommunications products, solutions and services. In December 2005, Intracom became a holdings company and its activities divided into Intracom Telecom (telecom equipment, telecom software and services), Intracom IT & Solutions (banking and government software solutions), Hellas Online (telephony and Internet services provider), Intrakat (construction services) and Intracom Defense Electronics.

Since June 2006, Intracom Telecom is controlled by JSC Sitronics (Russia) with 51%. Intracom Holdings Group (Greece) retains a 49% stake. Intracom Telecom is a part of Sitronics Telecommunication Solutions division.

Intracom Telecom has 2,600 personnel (including those in subsidiaries). 68% of its staff are in scientific positions. Exports represent more than 65% of annual sales, it sells to 60 subsidiaries in 12 countries, and 900 (36%) of its personnel are abroad. R&D investment accounts for 6-8% of annual revenues. It has participated, during the last five years, in more than 100 R&D projects,and cooperated with leading academic and research institutions International partnerships with major technology manufacturers.


Intracom Telecom provides hardware for wireless and network systems globally.[2] Their product lines include:

  • IAS-W[3]
  • WiBAS
  • OmniBAS


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