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Intransitive Recordings
Independent Record Publisher
Industry Music
Genre Electroacoustic, Electronic, Free Improvisation, Improvisation, Noise
Founded 1997, Gainesville, Florida
Headquarters Cambridge, MA, United States
Website [2]

Intransitive Recordings is an independent record label for experimental music, founded in Gainesville, Florida in 1997 by the artist Howard Stelzer and currently based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Intransitive publishes electro-acoustic music, free improvisation, sound art, sound poetry, and noise music. Since its inception, Intransitive has released over 36 albums.[1]

When the label began, its goal was to self-publish work by Stelzer: "... (the) reason for starting Intransitive was to publish my own work. I had recorded « Stone Blind » , a one-hour-long tape piece, and knew that no one outside of Florida had ever heard of me, so no one would have any reason to put it out. I just did it myself, and subsequently fell in love with the idea of putting out CDs."[2]

In 1998, Stelzer decided to publish work by other composers, and reached out to people whose music he had long admired. "Since it was so easy to publish one CD, I felt empowered (and bold!) enough to ask two of my favorite artists, Brume (Christian Renou, from France) and Kapotte Muziek (Frans de Waard, from the Netherlands) to submit an album for me to put out."[3]

In 2002, Stelzer was asked by Philippe Petit of Bip-Hop Magazine if his label's mission was to discover and promote up-and-coming new artists. Stelzer replied that it was not: "Many of the artists whose work appears on Intransitive are folks whose music I’ve been excited about since I was young. Brume, for example, is someone whose music first excited me when I was 16 years old and in high school. Frans de Waard’s Kapotte Muziek records and cassettes are things I’ve been listening to for years and years. Same with Marc Behrens and others. In many cases, I use the label to give something back (in a way) to the artists who I admire by publishing their new works.[4]

In addition to publishing CDs and records, Intransitive Recordings also hosts concerts in the Boston area.[5]


  • int001 The Amazing Mr. Slug
  • int002 tac & factor X Collaborations
  • int003 Howard Stelzer Stone Blind
  • int004 Kapotte Muziek The Use of Recycling
  • int005 Richard Chartier - 'Direct. Incidental. Consequential.'
  • int006 Brume Kreig
  • int007 Roel Meelkop '6 (Mailcop Rules)'
  • int008 tac & Howard Stelzer Object anti-7"/anti-CD
  • int009 Loren Boyer Des Parasites Disquent de se Produire
  • int010 nmperign & Jason Lescalleet In Which the Silent Partner-Director Can No Longer Make His Point to the Industrial Dreamer
  • int011 Greg Kelley, Curt Newton, Tatsuya Nakatani Field Recordings vol.1: The Birthday
  • int012 private
  • int013 v/a - Variious (feat: Taylor Deupree, Voice Crack, Kevin Drumm, Brume, Roel Meelkop, Michael Prime, Jason Lescalleet, Jerome Noetinger, John Watermann)
  • int014 Lionel Marchetti Knud um Nom du Serpent (Le Cercle des Entrailles)
  • int015 Mike Bullock / Howard Stelzer & Jason Talbot The Idea of Northeast
  • int016 John Hudak & Jason Lescalleet Figure 2
  • int017 M.Behrens Elapsed Time
  • int018 Bernhard Gal Relisten
  • infr01 Toshiya Tsunoda Extract From Field Recordings Archive #3: Solid Vibration
  • int020 Nerve Net Noise Meteor Circuit
  • int021 Howard Stelzer & Jason Talbot Songs
  • int022 Seth Nehil/JGrzinich 'Confluence'
  • int023 Intransitive Twenty-Three (feat. Birchville Cat Motel, Francisco Lopez, Lethe, Magali Babin, Atau Tanaka, Ronnie Sundin, Olivia Block, Thomas Ankersmit, Das Synthetische Miscgewebe, Giuseppe Ielasi)
  • int024 Roel Meelkop 5 (Ambiences)
  • int025 Kapotte Muziek & Lethe Tsurumai
  • int026 nmperign & Jason Lescalleet Love Me Two Times
  • int027 Brendan Murray Wonders Never Cease
  • int028 Seht & Howard Stelzer Exactly What You Lost
  • int029 Nerve Net Noise Dark Garden
  • int030 Howard Stelzer Bond Inlets
  • int031 Lionel Marchetti & Seijiro Murayama Hatali Atseli (L'Echgange des Yeux)
  • int032 Jim Haynes Sever
  • int033 Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer Asylum Lunaticum
  • int034 Lethe Catastrophe Point #5
  • int035 nmperign Ommatidia
  • int036 Failing Lights Failing Lights


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