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Intresseklubben Title Card.png
Title card
Presented byJohan Wester
StarringAnders Jansson
Guest panellists
Theme music composerHoward Goodall
Country of originSweden
No. of series4
No. of episodes34 (32 aired/airing on TV and 2 were released only on the Internet through SVT Play)
Running time30 minutes
Production companyAnagram Production
Original networkSVT1
Original release8 September 2012 (2012-09-08) –
10 October 2015 (2015-10-10)
Related showsQI (UK)
QI (Dutch version)
QI (Czech version)
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Intresseklubben (English: "The Interest Club") was a Swedish panel show, aired in Sveriges Television between 2012 and 2015, based on the long-running BBC panel show QI.

The show was hosted by Johan Wester, with Anders Jansson as a permanent panellist.


The format is largely based on the QI format, just as in the original there are four panellists (three guest panellists and one permanent panellist). The panellists are mostly comedians, but people from other fields have also appeared, such as astronaut Christer Fuglesang, rally co-driver Tina Thörner, clergyman K.G. Hammar and politicians Maria Wetterstrand and Gudrun Schyman. Each panellist has a buzzer that they can use to attract attention, usually the buzzers are themed to the episode's theme.

The questions asked are often deliberately misleading or very difficult to answer, and sometimes they are very simple questions about something everyone thinks they know the answer, when in fact the obvious answer is incorrect. Panellists can earn one point by giving the correct answer or one point for an answer which is incorrect but interesting; however, they will lose ten points for answers that are not only incorrect, but also painfully obvious. When this happens an alarm sounds and the incorrect answer is flashed on the screens behind the panel. The main objective is not necessarily to answer all questions correctly, but rather to get an interesting and funny discussion going about the topics presented.

The "General Ignorance" round is not played in Intresseklubben, instead each episode usually ends with a special round where panellists need to categorize various things or guess what belongs with what. Examples include the game "Boy, girl, or dish" played in the episode "Abnormt" in season 1 where panellists had to guess if a name in Spanish was a boy's name, a girl's name or a Spanish dish. In episode "Blötdjur" the game was called "Wet, wetter, or Anders Jansson?" and the panellists had to guess which of several options contain the highest percent water. For example we learned that Lake Don Juan, which is the saltiest lake in the world, contains a lower percentage of water than a human - only about 56%.


Intresseklubben is filmed in front of a live studio audience of around 400 people at the Scandic Star hotel in Lund. Each episode takes roughly 70 minutes to record, but is then edited down to fit into a 30-minute timeslot. Research for one season takes roughly 6 months to complete; some of it is borrowed from QI, but roughly 80% is fresh research done for Intresseklubben.[1]


Season A[edit]

Just as in the British original QI the seasons follow the letters of the alphabet, and all episodes in season A have a title starting with the letter A. Eight episodes were broadcast on TV and an additional two were released exclusively on the web through SVT Play.

Episode Title (English translation) Guests Winner Original Broadcast
1 Arvsynd (Original sin) Johan Glans
K.G. Hammar
Babben Larsson
K.G. Hammar 8 September 2012
2 Abnormt (Abnormal) Johan Glans
Babben Larsson
Tina Thörner
Babben Larsson 15 September 2012
3 Astralt (Astral) Peter Apelgren
Christer Fuglesang
Babben Larsson
Babben Larsson 22 September 2012
4 Animalia (Animals) Johan Glans
Annika Lantz
Göran Rosenberg
Johan Glans 29 September 2012
5 Alarmerande (Alarming) Petra Mede
Babben Larsson
K.G. Hammar
K.G. Hammar 6 October 2012
6 Kontinenter på A (A-continents) Babben Larsson
Måns Nilsson [sv]
Christer Fuglesang
Christer Fuglesang 13 October 2012
7 A-laget (The A-team) Babben Larsson
Annika Lantz
Per Naroskin
Anders Jansson 20 October 2012
8 Anstötande (Offensive/Explicit) Henrik Dorsin
Annika Lantz
Ann Heberlein
Ann Heberlein 27 October 2012
9 Atletiskt (Athletic) Victoria Dyring
Babben Larsson
Tina Thörner
Victoria Dyring 27 October 2012 (Only on SVT Play)
10 Ansträngande (Straining/Effortful) Johan Glans
Göran Rosenberg
Annika Lantz
Johan Glans 27 October 2012 (Only on SVT Play)

Season B[edit]

The second series, consisting of 8 episodes covering the letter B, was recorded in August 2013 and aired on SVT1 during September and October the same year, plus 2 specials during the Christmas times.[2]

Episode Title (English translation) Guests Winner Original Broadcast
11 Blötdjur (Molluscs) Johan Glans
Ann Heberlein
Annika Lantz
Johan Glans 7 September 2013
12 Blommor & bin (The birds and the bees) Annika Lantz
Kattis Ahlström
Jesper Rönndahl
Jesper Rönndahl 14 September 2013
13 Bostad (Residence) Babben Larsson
Maria Wetterstrand
Kristoffer Svensson [sv]
Maria Wetterstrand 21 September 2013
14 Bombastiskt (Bombastic) Annika Lantz
Göran Everdahl
Suzanna Dzamic
Annika Lantz 28 September 2013
15 Bedrägligt (Deceptive) Karin Adelsköld
Babben Larsson
Gudrun Schyman
Babben Larsson 5 October 2013
16 Blandat (Miscellaneous) Alexandra Pascalidou
Babben Larsson
Kristoffer Appelquist [sv]
Babben Larsson 12 October 2013
17 Baktanke (Ulterior motives) Babben Larsson
Martin Ingvar [sv]
Pia Johansson
Anders Jansson 29 December 2013
18 Bot & bättring (Cures & improvements) Johan Glans
Annika Lantz
Ann Heberlein
Ann Heberlein 5 January 2014

Season C[edit]

A third season, this time about the letter C, was recorded in June 2014 and aired during the autumn 2014.[3] New guests in the C-season included comedians Marika Carlsson and David Batra, radio host Kodjo Akolor and high jumper and Olympic gold medallist Stefan Holm. The season premiere aired on 1 November.[4]

Episode Title (English translation) Guests Winner Original Broadcast
19 Celebriteter (Celebrities) Babben Larsson
Annika Lantz
David Batra
Annika Lantz 1 November 2014
20 Celibat (Celibacy) Jesper Rönndahl
Emma Knyckare
Ann Heberlein
Jesper Rönndahl 8 November 2014
21 Chock (Shocking) Babben Larsson
Kodjo Akolor
Josefin Johansson [sv]
Kodjo Akolor 15 November 2014
22 Camping (Camping) Annika Andersson
Hans Rosenfeldt
Claudia Galli Concha
Hans Rosenfeldt 22 November 2014
23 Charkuteri (Charcuterie) Marika Carlsson
Annika Lantz
Babben Larsson
Anders Jansson 29 November 2014
24 Civilisation (Civilization) Babben Larsson
Stefan Holm
Annika Lantz
Babben Larsson 6 December 2014
25 Celler (Cells) Kattis Ahlström
Anders Johansson
Marika Carlsson
Hans Rosenfeldt[fn 1]
Anders Johansson 13 December 2014
26 Celebrera (Celebrate) Josefin Johansson
Jesper Rönndahl
Helena von Zweigbergk
Jesper Rönndahl 20 December 2014
  1. ^ Anders Jansson was absent for this episode.

Season D[edit]

A D-season consisting of eight episodes aired during the autumn 2015. The episodes aired on Saturday nights at 9 PM, with the season premiere on August 22.[5]

Episode Title (English translation) Guests Winner Original Broadcast
27 Dieter (Diets) William Spetz
Pernilla Månsson Colt
Babben Larsson
William Spetz 22 August 2015
28 Doft (Scent) Josefin Johansson
Alexandra Pascalidou
Hans Rosenfeldt
Hans Rosenfeldt 29 August 2015
29 Danmark (Denmark) Johan Glans
Nisti Stêrk
Babben Larsson
Nisti Stêrk 5 September 2015
30 Dålig stämning (Bad atmosphere) Jesper Rönndahl
Karin Adelsköld
Anna Charlotta Gunnarsson [sv]
Jesper Rönndahl 12 September 2015
31 Döden (Death) Anders Johansson
Lina Thomsgård
Josefin Johansson
Lina Thomsgård 19 September 2015
32 Dumheter (Stupidity) Jesper Rönndahl
Marika Carlsson
Karin Gyllenklev [sv]
Anders Jansson 26 September 2015
33 Dating (Dating) Clara Henry
Stefan Holm
Babben Larsson
Clara Henry 3 October 2015
34 Dramatik (Drama) Babben Larsson
Barbro Fällman
Johan Glans
Johan Glans 10 October 2015


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