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Intrinsic may refer to:

  • Intrinsic property, property is a property of a system or of a material itself or within
  • Intrinsic function, a function available for use in a given programming language whose implementation is handled specially by the compiler
  • Intrinsic (album), the second studio album by progressive metal band The Contortionist, released through E1/Good Fight Music on July 17, 2012
  • Intrinsic bi-ism
  • Intrinsic low-dimensional manifold, a technique to simplify the study of reaction mechanisms using dynamical systems, first proposed in 1992
  • Intrinsic hyperpolarizability, defined as the hyperpolarizability divided by the Kuzyk Limit
  • Intrinsic parity
  • Intrinsic brightness, to refer to how bright a star would be without the effects of distance or absorption due to interstellar dust or gas
  • Intrinsic dimension, of the signal describes how many variables are needed to represent the signal. For a signal of N variables, its intrinsic dimension M satisfies 0 ≤ M ≤ N
  • Intrinsic fraud, an intentionally false representation that goes to the heart of what a given lawsuit is about, in other words, whether fraud was used to procure the transaction. (If the transaction was fraudulent, it probably does not have the legal status of a contract.) Intrinsic fraud is distinguished from extrinsic fraud (a/k/a collateral fraud) which is a deceptive means of keeping a person from discovering and/or enforcing legal rights
  • Intrinsic happiness
  • Intrinsic metric, defined as the infimum of the length of all paths from one point to the other. A metric space is a length metric space if the intrinsic metric agrees with the original metric of the space
  • Intrinsic plasticity, the continuous modification of a intrinsic electrical properties of a neuron by synaptic or neuronal activity
  • Intrinsic semiconductor, a pure semiconductor without any significant dopant species present
  • Intrinsic termination, a mechanism in prokaryotes that causes RNA transcription to be stopped
  • Intrinsic viscosity

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