Intrusions Act 1623

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The Intrusions Act 1623[1]
Long title An Acte to admytt the Subject to plead the General Yssue in Informacions of Intrusion.[2]
Citation 21 Jac 1 c 14
Status: Repealed

The Intrusions Act 1623 (21 Jac 1 c 14) was an Act of the Parliament of England.

The whole Act was repealed by section 1 of, and Schedule 1 to, the Statute Law Revision Act 1958.


  1. ^ The citation of this Act by this short title was authorised by section 5 of, and Schedule 2 to, the Statute Law Revision Act 1948. Due to the repeal of those provisions, it is now authorised by section 19(2) of the Interpretation Act 1978.
  2. ^ These words are printed against this Act in the second column of Schedule 2 to the Statute Law Revision Act 1948, which is headed "Title".