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Inu × Boku SS
Inu x Boku SS Japanese manga Volume 1 cover.jpg
Manga volume 1 cover
(Inu Boku Shīkuretto Sābisu)
Written by Cocoa Fujiwara
Published by Square Enix
English publisher
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Gangan Joker
Original run May 2009March 2014
Volumes 11
Anime television series
Directed by Naokatsu Tsuda
Written by Toshizo Nemoto
Music by Kōtarō Nakagawa
Studio David Production
Licensed by
Original network
English network
Original run January 12, 2012March 29, 2012
Episodes 12 + OVA (List of episodes)
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Inu × Boku SS (妖狐×僕SS, Inu Boku Shīkuretto Sābisu, lit. The Dog and Me Secret Service), also known as Youko × Boku, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Cocoa Fujiwara. An anime adaptation by David Production aired in Japan between January and March 2012. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks for streaming, and home video release in North America.


The Maison de Ayakashi (メゾン・ド・章樫, Mezon do Ayakashi), better known as the Ayakashikan (妖館), is a high security apartment building where humans with demon ancestors, or yōkai, reside, each guarded by their own Secret Service bodyguard. A yōkai girl named Ririchiyo Shirakiin moves into the Ayakashikan hoping for some peace and quiet. But instead, she finds herself with the service of the Secret Service agent, Sōshi Miketsukami.

The first four volumes of the manga are a prologue. At the end of volume four, a foe possesses Karuta, leaving her in a coma for several months, and uses other yōkai to attack the other residents of Maison de Ayakashi. Due to this, nearly every member of the main cast is killed except Renshō, who is currently 41 years old. Part two takes place 23 years later, when those killed are reincarnated. The yōkai boy, Mikoto, is still alive as the friend of Watanuki who is now a middle schooler. A time capsule is sent to the past, and now, in the third arc, the story jumps back to the past when they are about to make a time capsule for their future selves.


Ririchiyo Shirakiin (白鬼院 凜々蝶, Shirakiin Ririchiyo)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka (Japanese); Hilary Haag (English)
A half-human, half-oni high school girl who transferred to Room 4 of the Maison de Ayakashi in order to live alone. She yearns to be independent and constantly worries about not being able to communicate with other people properly, as due to the fact that she was bullied when she was young and developed a habit of rudely slighting people whenever they try to interact with her. Her SS agent and servant is Sōshi, who has the blood of a fox-spirit. While at first she is exasperated by Sōshi's extreme willingness to serve her, she eventually realizes she has fallen in love with him, something that is only compounded when she later finds out that it was Sōshi who wrote the letters that were supposed to be from her fiance to her. Eventually, Ririchiyo confesses her love to Sōshi, and they begin a relationship with each other.
Ririchiyo was killed at the age of 16 after trying to stop the enemy yōkai raid after they killed Sōshi. In Part 2, she is reincarnated, but has amnesia from the trauma of losing Sōshi after he protected her. Once she does remember, she gains a resolution to protect everyone so that history does not repeat itself, since Soshi was cursed to die the same way each time he was reborn. So, Ririchiyo makes him a cup of coffee as promised in the previous life and ends the contract with him, to protect him.
Ririchiyo got hurt and particularly almost died when she protected Sōshi. Ririchiyo was saved just in time and said to the current Sōshi, that she loves the previous him but he is also a very special person to her and she is glad that he was born in this world because he was a relfect from the previous him and that she cannot fulfill the promise she made with the previous Sōshi that he wants a child. She then wrote a letter with Sōshi's help in writing it, to send it to the past for preventing the death of the Maison de Ayakashi's member.
Sōshi Miketsukami (御狐神 双熾, Miketsukami Sōshi)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese); Chris Patton (English)
The assigned SS Agent to Ririchiyo and, in his own words, her servant and "Dog". Sōshi is descended from the evil nine-tailed fox who was Sōshi's past life. Ririchiyo helped him when she was little, although she's initially unaware of it. Later on in the series, it's revealed that his family had kept him under house arrest because they feared the powers of the kitsune, and in order to obtain freedom he learned to manipulate and appeal to others through obeying their whims. However, because of this, he was unable to form his own personality. It was not until he started corresponding with Ririchiyo through letters, under the guise of her fiance Kagerō, that he realized that he was in fact, capable of having emotion, and he began growing into his own person. He's very calm, polite, and gentle to everyone he interacts with, but he bears particularly strong devotion to his Ririchiyo, blindly obeying her and protecting her with his life if the situation calls for it. He enters a relationship with her after she confesses her love for him, which was prompted by him reading a letter that detailed her feelings for him that she meant to put into a time capsule, but instead sent to him by mistake. What he wishes for is a family, which he never had. A notable feature is his heterochromia, in which his right eye is blue, while the other is dark gold.
He was killed in action at the end of Part 1 at age 23, protecting Ririchiyo from a band of evil yōkai. He is reincarnated but does not remember his previous life. After learning from Kagerō's mother how important Ririchiyo was for the previous Sōshi, he researches about her and becomes Ririchiyo's SS agent. After Ririchiyo regains her memories, she breaks her contract with him, in an attempt to protect him and also because she realizes he is not the same Sōshi she fell in love with.
Depressed because of how Ririchiyo break the contract with him, Sōshi is sulking in his room and still in contact with other SS agents such as Zange Natsume for a photo of Ririchiyo and other things. Because of his hatred, envy and jealousy towards his previous self because Ririchiyo loved and loves the previous him, Sōshi even tried to search for the time capsule his previous self left and destroyed it. Not having any memories from his previous life, he said and planned to destroy the thing the previous Sōshi left, which is a memory card. The memory card revealed to be full of Ririchiyo's photos and letter from his childhood.
Sōshi, even though after cutting off his ties with Ririchiyo as her SS Agent, come to Ririchiyo's rescue from the manipulated servant that is being controlled by the leader of the previous war. Before getting killed, Ririchiyo stepped in front of him and protected him, he remains besides Ririchiyo after being saved from dying. Because Ririchiyo said that even though she loves the previous him, he is also a very special person to her and that she is glad that he was born in this world. Sōshi said those words alone is enough and in return he'll help her write a letter for the time capsule which they will send to the past for preventing their death.

He is later reincarnated as soshi and ririchiro's son as seen by zenge and as shown in photographs.

Renshō Sorinozuka (反ノ塚 連勝, Sorinozuka Renshō)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese); David Wald (English)
An Ittan-momen half-demon with several tattoos on his tanned skin, he is the tenant of Room 3. He has known Ririchiyo since they were children and earns Sōshi's trust because of it. His SS Agent is Nobara, who he, despite the fact they bicker quite a bit, has a close relationship with. He has a very lazy personality. He has had many girls confess their love for him, but he always rejects them, because he feels he will have to separate from them anyway, because while he can reincarnate into basically the exact same person again, humans will not. He and Ririchiyo considers him as Ririchiyo's brother because of how they were close to each other.
He was the only one of the Maison de Ayakashi members who did not die due to the enemy yōkai raid. As such, he has aged normally, and is now 41 years old. He was waiting for the others to reincarnate for these past 23 years. He's become quite jaded as a result of living on while the others had to be reborn again. He is currently living with Nobara, and laments over what she has become: A middle school student. He now has a goatee.
He still cares for Ririchiyo for these past year, and supports Ririchiyo after she loses her memories. When Ririchiyo is stuck in her recovery of getting her memories back, he is the one who triggers Ririchiyo's memories to return.
He apparently had a lover, whom he left, due to the loneliness from the others' death.
Nobara Yukinokōji (雪小路 野ばら, Yukinokōji Nobara)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa (Japanese); Shelley Calene-Black (English)
The SS Agent assigned to Renshō. She is descended from a Yuki-onna and wears glasses in her human form. She is very interested in fashion and cute girls, often sexually fantasizing over them. She shouts the catchphrase "Maniac!" whenever she sees something she finds to be arousing. She often acts like a big sister to both Karuta and Ririchiyo. Although she states she has no interest in men, and often treats her protectorate Renshō poorly, she is and can be surprisingly caring for him, and once even hugs him from behind.
She was killed at the age of 22 by an enemy band of yōkai. She was reincarnated, and is currently a middle school student living with Renshō. When Sōshi no longer have any ties with Ririchiyo as SS Agent, she offered herself to be the replcament of Sōshi as SS Agent for Ririchiyo. She intended to go back to the past but stopped by Renshō. She recalls memories of her past life and have the same personality.
Kagerō Shōkiin (青鬼院 蜻蛉, Shōkiin Kagerō)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese); David Matranga (English)
Tenant of Room 2, and a half-oni like Ririchiyo. He's Sōshi's former master, Banri and Natsume's childhood friend, and Ririchiyo's fiancée. Kagerō is eccentric, straightforward, and a narcissist, often calling the other tenants "pigs" or "animals". His SS agent is Karuta, who is made to wear a maid outfit and a chain around her neck when he is around. He compulsively classes people in two different categories - "Sadist" or "Masochist". Ririchiyo used to write him letters when she was young, however, the letters' responses were in fact written by Sōshi. Despite his outrageous, egotistical personality, he has shown the ability to be surprisingly perceptive, and at times even sensitive, towards others.
He died and reincarnated along with the others. Now, he is 20 years old and currently living in Maison de Ayakashi in Room 2. When trying to stop the current Sōshi, Kagerō's mask got cracked. His face that he hid, is proven to be handsome and charming. Despite how he act, Kagerō cared for Ririchiyo even now. He is the one who makes Ririchiyo accept Sōshi's death. In the last chapter, he intended to be the one who go back to the past and even saying his farewells, but stopped by Karuta who said that she does not want him to become a lonely person. He becomes gentler than before, and even said that had he realizes what's important to him maybe things will go differently between Ririchiyo and him.
Karuta Roromiya (髏々宮 カルタ, Roromiya Karuta)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)
The assigned SS Agent to Kagerō, a Gashadokuro (large skeleton made from the bones of people who died from starvation) whose human form depicts her as a light brown haired (reddish pink in the anime) teenage girl. Though she appears to be "zoned out" most of the time, she's actually very clever, observant, and likes eating. Karuta shows special feelings for Watanuki, who is her childhood friend.
Near the end of Part 1, she was attacked and possessed by enemy yōkai who began to use her for their own purposes. She asked Watanuki to kill her, as she could never return to human form. Watanuki yelled at her and told her that he would still be by her side, no matter if she could not return to human form. Although she was so happy to hear those sentiments, she was completely taken over by the enemy and was forced to be killed sometime after the raid.
In Part 2, she has been reincarnated, and is currently 20-years old, the oldest of the reincarnated female main characters. She now has short hair, and her breasts are bigger than in her previous life. She cried for Kagerō and stopped him from going back to the past alone. She cares for Ririchiyo and still wants to be her friend.
Banri Watanuki (渡狸 卍里, Watanuki Banri)
Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi (Japanese); Greg Ayres (English)
Tenant of Room 1, Banri is a mixed blood tanuki demon with an impulsive streak and is very outspoken. Labeling himself a "delinquent", he considers Sōshi as his rival because he once called him cute, causing Banri to resent him. His SS agent is Zange. He has strong feelings for Karuta Roromiya, who was the reason he decided he wanted to become strong. He deeply hates and is afraid of Kagerō because he was bullied by him as kids and the way he treats Karuta.
Near the end of Part 1, he tries to convince a possessed Karuta that he will be by her side, even if she cannot turn back into her human form. Although she cries in happiness, she is unable to override the enemy's control, and Karuta as a person is completely erased. He chased after her, but was killed in the battle between the Maison de Ayakashi and the enemy yōkai at age 16. He has been reincarnated in Part 2 as a middle school student, but has no memories of Part 1, much like Ririchiyo and Sōshi. His SS is Karuta in Part 2, and he is now the youngest of all the residents.
Not realizing it, Watanuki has become friend with the leader of yokai's raid, Mikoto, the previous group who started the war in Maison de Ayakashi, who killed Ririchiyo and the others 23 years ago. When Mikoto went to the past with the plan of re-doing the raid once again, and when everyone from Maison de Ayakashi are arguing about who should go to the past, he suggests a plan of sending a letter with a time capsule to the past, which arrived safely.
Zange Natsume (夏目 残夏, Natsume Zange)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (Japanese); Blake Shepard (English)
The assigned SS agent to Banri, Natsume is a half-human, half-demon wearing a set of black rabbit ears on his head. His ancestor was a Hyakume, or 100 eyes monster, capable of "seeing" the past, future, and various other things. He claims to be able to "see" such things as well because of this heritage. His powers also come in handy when looking for information, although it seems to adversely affect his health. Despite a somewhat frail disposition, he is a very cheerful individual. He is best friends with Kagerō and has known him, as well as Sōshi and Banri, since childhood. He's very fond of Sōshi, and likes to flirt with him and call him "Sou-tan" because of this. Natsume is something of a meddlesome busybody, as he likes to stick his nose into the business of his peers and can come off quite sinister and suspicious at times. That being said, his motives usually have positive goals, such as allowing his friends to realize things about themselves or their relationships. His motto is "everyone should get along."
Natsume died of illness at age 24, two years after Sōshi was killed in the enemy yōkai's raid. He was reincarnated, and is currently 21. After Ririchiyo breaks her contract with Sōshi, Natsume is still in contact with him such as for exchanging photos of Ririchiyo and other information. He once tried to stop Sōshi from searching the time capsule with Kagerō. He suggests that he should be the one who goes back to the past because no matter how many times he is reincarnated, he will always remember his previous life which makes him almost like an immortal. But that suggestion is no longer significant because the letter which they had sent to the past will prevent their previous death and also the yōkai's raid, which will make their current self disappear.
Chino Kotomura (小人村 ちの, Kotomura Chino)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English)
Chino Kotomura is a cheerful maid who works at the Maison de Ayakashi. She is always happy and she likes her work. She is a koropokkuru, which means that her yokai form is really small, which helps her to clean really narrow places. She died eventually and reincarnated sometime during the timeskip. She is the same age as Ririchiyo (therefore her classmate) and an official resident of the Ayakashikan with her own secret service bodyguard (who does not show himself in public).
Kotarō Kawasumi (河住 小太郎, Kawasumi Kotarō)
Voiced by: Minami Tsuda (Japanese); Beth Lazarou (English)
Son of Joutarou Kawasumi, his father is the cook at the cafeteria of Ayakashikan. He is the one who discovers the time capsule sent by the future reincarnations of the main characters.
Ayumu Warashibe (童辺 あゆむ, Warashibe Ayumu)
Voiced by: Takahiro Mizushima (Japanese); Illich Guardiola (English)
A cross-dressing maid at Ayakashikan. His yokai form is an zashiki warashi. He also dies and reincarnates sometime during the time skip and appears as a long curly haired cross-dressing maid.
Yūjirō Kōda (幸蛇 優二朗, Kōda Yūjirō)
Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (Japanese); Mark Laskowski (English)
The third maid in Ayakashikan. He became a male maid because he was fired at his previous job and simply needed the money because of the recession. His yokai form is an orochi.
Jōtarō Kawasumi (河住 丈太郎, Kawasumi Jōtarō)
Voiced by: Katsuki Murase (Japanese); Rob Mungle (English)
The father of Kotarō Kawasumi. He is the cook of the cafeteria in Ayakashikan who simply serves breakfast and dinner for the inhabitants, but likes to pretend he's a bartender preparing fancy cocktails.
Ayane Shōkiin (青鬼院 菖蒲, Shōkiin Ayane)
Voiced by: Emi Shinohara (Japanese); Shannon Emerick (English)
The mother of Kagerō Shokiin.
Hana Kawasumi (河住 花, Kawasumi Hana)
Voiced by: Yui Ogura (Japanese); Wendy Martin (English)
The daughter of Jōtarō Kawasumi and the little sister of Kotarō Kawasumi.



Inu x Boku SS was written and illustrated by Cocoa Fujiwara. It was serialized in Square Enix's Gangan Joker online magazine between the May 2009 and March 2014 issues. Square Enix published 11 tankōbon volumes between April 22, 2010 and July 22, 2014. Yen Press licensed the manga and began publishing the series in North America in October 2013.[1]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
01 April 22, 2010[2] ISBN 978-4-7575-2851-2 October 29, 2013[3] ISBN 978-0-316-24313-1
02 April 22, 2010[4] ISBN 978-4-7575-2852-9 January 21, 2014[5] ISBN 978-0-316-32207-2
03 July 22, 2010[6] ISBN 978-4-7575-2940-3 April 22, 2014[5] ISBN 978-0-316-32209-6
04 February 22, 2011[7] ISBN 978-4-7575-3146-8 July 22, 2014[5] ISBN 978-0-316-32208-9
05 July 22, 2011[8] ISBN 978-4-7575-3290-8 October 28, 2014[5] ISBN 978-0-316-32210-2
06 December 22, 2011[9] ISBN 978-4-7575-3448-3 January 20, 2015[5] ISBN 978-0-316-32213-3
07 June 22, 2012[10] ISBN 978-4-7575-3630-2 April 21, 2015[5] ISBN 978-0-316-32215-7
08 November 22, 2012[11] ISBN 978-4-7575-3794-1 July 21, 2015[5] ISBN 978-0-316-32217-1
09 May 22, 2013[12] ISBN 978-4-7575-3970-9 November 17, 2015 ISBN 978-0-316-35211-6
10 October 22, 2013[13] ISBN 978-4-7575-4092-7 February 23, 2016 ISBN 978-0-316-26911-7
11 July 22, 2014[14] ISBN 978-4-7575-4359-1 May 24, 2016 ISBN 978-0-316-39330-0


A 12-episode anime adaptation by David Production aired in Japan between January 12 and March 29, 2012 and was simulcast on Crunchyroll.[15] An original video animation episode was released with the seventh Blu-ray Disc volume on September 26, 2012.[16] The series has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks.[17] Hanabee Entertainment licensed the anime in Australia and New Zealand and released the series on Blu-ray and DVD in April 2013.[18] MVM Films have licensed the series in the United Kingdom.[19]


Opening Theme
"Nirvana" (ニルヴァーナ, Niruvāna) by Mucc
Ending Themes
1. "Rakuen no Photograph" (楽園のPhotograph) by Yuichi Nakamura
2. "Kimi wa" (君は) by Rina Hidaka
3. "One Way" by Takuya Eguchi and Mamoru Miyano
4. "SM Hantei Forum" (SM判定フォーラム, Esuemu Hantei Fōramu) by Tomokazu Sugita
5. "Sweets Parade" by Kana Hanazawa
6. "Taiyō to Tsuki" (太陽と月) by Yoshimasa Hosoya and Yōko Hikasa

Episode list[edit]

No. Title[20] Original airdate
1 "The Dog and Me"
"Inu to Boku" (いぬとぼく) 
January 12, 2012
Ririchiyo Shirakiin, a girl from a rich family, moves into the high-security Maison de Ayakashi apartment complex, where she finds herself assigned a Secret Service agent named Sōshi Miketsukami. Ririchiyo is reluctant to have Sōshi as her Secret Service, particularly as she does not feel worth protecting as her family household has taken up much of her being. One night, a burglar breaks into the complex to try and rob Ririchiyo, only to learn that Sōshi, along with the other Secret Service agents in the complex, have the power to channel the spirits of monsters. Having been protected from a gunshot by him, Ririchiyo accepts Sōshi as her bodyguard. 
2 "A Lonely Dog"
"Samishigariya no Inu" (淋しがり屋の犬) 
January 19, 2012
Renshō Sorinozuka tags along with Ririchiyo and Sōshi at a shopping mall till evening. Sōshi tells Ririchiyo that they have met each other in the past, but she does not recall of this. As the three return to the complex, they learn from Nobara Yukinokōji that Karuta Roromiya has gone missing. As they set out to find her, Ririchiyo finds herself trapped inside a dark spirit called a nurikabe. With much effort, Sōshi and Ririchiyo slash through the barrier using their enhanced abilities. It turns out that Karuta had left earlier to help prepare a welcome party for Ririchiyo and Sōshi. 
3 "The Real Contract"
"Hontō no Keiyaku" (ほんとうの契約) 
January 26, 2012
Ririchiyo enters high school, having to deal with the stress of making a good impression. She later notices Sōshi kissing an admirer, but he denies ever having a relationship with the admirer. After questioning him about it, her emotions get the best of her, to the point of her terminating their contract together. The following day, Nobara offers Ririchiyo to contract with her, but the latter turns her down. During a school banquet, after two male students make fun of Ririchiyo for her hostility, Sōshi defends her true personality as being kindhearted. After she realizes how much he cares for her, Ririchiyo asks Sōshi to be her bodyguard again. 
4 "Ayakashi Hall Walk Rally"
"Ayakashi-kan Wōkurarī" (妖館ウォークラリー) 
February 2, 2012
Banri Watanuki, a former resident of the complex, has returned from training with Zange Natsume, his Secret Service agent. Sōshi has known Watanuki and Natsume since childhood, which makes this seem awkward to Ririchiyo. The four participate in a walk rally to obtain signatures from all the residents. After Ririchiyo and Sōshi finds Karuta, Natsume reveals that Watanuki had originally gone off to train in order to protect the girl he loves. Ririchiyo seems deep in thought after she begins to have an irregular heartbeat
5 "Kagerō (Dragonfly) of the Spring"
"Haru no Kagerō" (春の蜻蛉) 
February 9, 2012
Ririchiyo wants to write a letter of apology to Sōshi, but she hesitates trying to find the right notepad to write on. Ririchiyo has been getting disturbing text messages from a block number, shrugging them off until they become more frequent and threatening. While Ririchiyo is walking back from the store alone at night, Sōshi finds her and expresses his worry for her. Soon after, Kagerō Shōkiin, the one responsible for sending the text messages, appears out of the blue. As he is also a childhood friend of most of the other male residents, Kagerō gives all the tenants and agents various "bondage items" as gifts. He also mentions he had formerly served under Sōshi, catching Ririchyo off guard. After he then claims to be engaged to Ririchiyo, she remembers exchanging letters with him when she was young. 
6 "Don't Think"
"Kangaeru yori mo" (考えるよりも) 
February 16, 2012
Karuta spends a lot of her time in her own world in high school, much to Ririchiyo's concern. Watanuki says that not many people truly understand what goes on in Karuta's mind. Natsume wants Ririchiyo to bond with Karuta, although she has no idea how to do so. Since Ririchiyo offered Karuta some of her lunch, Karuta repays her by giving her several treats during suppertime. The next day, Ririchiyo is amazed at Karuta's cooking skills during home economics class, and she begins to understand what Karuta is going through. A downpour occurs after school, and a nure-onna enters the building. Ririchiyo takes it down after Watanuki fails to defeat it. However, the nure-onna revives and sends Ririchiyo and Watanuki out the window. Luckily, Karuta arrives and saves them both from falling. 
7 "Their Night Alone"
"Futari no Yoru" (ふたりのよる) 
February 23, 2012
A flock of ghosts have invaded the mansion and security measures have been activated. The residents are locked in various places of the mansion and are to stay there until morning. In her room, this is the perfect time for Ririchiyo to express her feelings for Sōshi, but this proves difficult for her. In the hallway, Natsume encourages Watanuki to use this time to train all night. In the cafeteria, Sorinozuka rests while Nobara plays shogi with Chino Kotomura, one of the maids. In the kitchen, Karuta becomes so hungry that she starts to cook a full-course meal. Sōshi stays up all night while Ririchiyo tries to go to sleep. But before doing so, she thanks him for his service thus far. Watanuki accidentally breaks the barrier, allowing the ghosts, known as the obariyon, to pass through. As it seems that the obariyon are wiped out, a few more come out and jump on Ririchiyo's back. Sōshi, who cannot bear the sight of this, destroys the rest of them. 
8 "Tea and Distance"
"Ocha to Kyori" (お茶と距離) 
March 1, 2012
Ririchiyo wants the type of friendship with Sōshi the tenants share with their agents. She is unable to speak her true feelings, not to mention that she does not know much about his background. She observes how Karuta and Watanuki interact with each other while at school, hoping to understand this for herself. She plans to make coffee and sit down with Sōshi, but she first come up with ideas to invite him to drink coffee with her, all to no avail. After many desperate attempts to ask him, she calls for him under a cherry blossom, where she finally says that they should treat each other as friends, inviting him to have coffee in her room the following evening. 
9 "Day of the Promise"
"Yakusoku no Hi" (約束の日) 
March 8, 2012
Ririchiyo frets over her upcoming coffee date with Sōshi. In the afternoon, Ririchiyo cleans up her room, then decides to study with Karuta and Watanuki for an upcoming quiz in their class while the agents monitor them. Natsume creates a series of "partner games" for everyone, guessing what is inside the mystery box and taking a partner quiz, yet Sōshi gets carried away with both of these. A series of commands have appeared in the mansion causing quite a stir. It just so happens that Kagerō was the one behind this. 
10 "The Unfaithful Demon Fox"
"Uragiri no Yōko" (裏切りの妖狐) 
March 15, 2012
The coffee date is cancelled due to Kagerō's unexpected return, so she reschedules it for the next day. However, after school the next day, Kagerō drags Ririchiyo with him to several dating spots all over town, making matters worse. Later than night, Ririchiyo grows anxious by Sōshi not responding to her apology text, so she decides to visit his room and offer him a melon to apologize. When she does apologize, Sōshi acts out of character, causing her to get flustered and return to her room in distress. The very next morning, Sōshi begs Kagerō in not telling Ririchiyo his hidden secret, but Kagerō denies, leading to an intensive battle between the two. Ririchiyo later finds the two and stops them from fighting, asking them to explain what the problem is. It is then that Sōshi admits he is hiding something from Ririchiyo. 
11 "Kagerō"
"Kagerō" (陽炎) 
March 22, 2012
Since his family name was known to be born from an evil bloodline, Sōshi was secluded inside a shrine as a child. A year later at a party, a woman allows him to work for her in her house, where he is to serve a young Kagerō for a living. It is revealed that Kagerō told Sōshi to respond to the letters sent from his fiancée, to which Sōshi believed her to be very perceptive. When Kagerō showed Sōshi who his fiancée was, that being Ririchiyo, Sōshi was surprised to see a spoiled rich girl write letters so keenly. During the summer, they continued writing letters to each other, and Sōshi realized his feelings for Ririchiyo, but he started to feel guilty for faking Kagerō's personality. After hearing that Ririchiyo moved inside the Maison de Ayakashi, that is when he decided to become a Secret Service agent. Ririchiyo already knows that Kagerō was not the one who responded to her letters, but she is shocked to find out that Sōshi was actually the one who did, which confirmed how Sōshi knew so much about her in the first place. 
12 "The Day We Came Together"
"Futari ni natta Hi" (二人になった日) 
March 29, 2012
Kotarō Kawasumi, the son of the chef, has a conversation with Sorinozuka about his worries on what might happen when his father Jōtarō Kawasumi reincarnates, but then Natsume suddenly suggests to send a message inside a time capsule buried in the garden for the future reincarnation to read. Natsume convinces the others to join in writing letters to their future selves. Ririchiyo recounts how much she has changed since she has lived inside the apartment complex. While Kotarō thinks of what to write, he is comforted by his father, who states he and his future self are two separate beings. Ririchiyo accidentally switched a letter written to Sōshi that was meant for her future self, which stated that she will not run away and will stay by his side. She runs away to a park, and, after Sōshi calls her to come and get her, Ririchiyo realizes Sōshi hates himself like she was before, but she was able to overcome the ordeal because she fell in love with Sōshi. Knowing she has hurt others to protect herself, she decided to use her courage to save him by confessing her love to him. Sōshi embraces Ririchiyo and expresses his love for her as well. Sōshi dreams of having a family with her, but Ririchiyo replies that only time will tell if it is meant to happen. 
OVA "Miketsukami's Metamorphosis"
"Miketsukami-kun Henka" (御狐神くん変化)
September 26, 2012
"Suicchi" (スイッチ)
"Playing House"
"Omamagoto" (おままごと)

Noticing Ririchiyo's nervousness, Sōshi tries to ease her by transforming into a young boy and then into a woman. Later, Natsume plays around with Sorinozuka various 'switches' which encourages Karuta to try to find other people's 'switches'. Afterwards, Kotarō's younger sister Hana Kawasumi comes to the mansion and decides to play house with the tenants, which takes many bizarre turns.


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