Inusa Dawuda

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Inusa Dawuda
Inusa Dawuda Ibiza 2007.jpg
Inusa Dawuda
Background information
Birth name Inusa Dawuda
Also known as Black Pharaoh
Born 12 August 1960
Accra, Ghana
Genres Dance, house, reggae, chillout, lounge
Occupation(s) Singer, saxophonist
Instruments Saxophone, percussion
Years active 1994–present
Labels Kingdom of Music

Inusa Dawuda is an Afro-German musician, singer, record producer, percussionist, and performer of the European hits Rumours (Digi Digi), Rub-A-Dub Girl, Down Down Down, and We Want More.

Early life[edit]

Inusa Dawuda was born in Accra, Ghana, and as a teenager he moved with his parents to Hamburg, Germany. Inusa learned to play the saxophone during his youth, and he was also actively involved in sports. During the early 90's he was a multiple boxing champion in Hamburg in the light heavyweight division.[1] The first successes in the field of music came to Inusa in the mid 90's, when he traveled and played with several bands, playing cover versions of favorite hits from James Brown to Bob Marley. His primary musical influences include Manu Dibango, Fela Kuti, and Grover Washington, Jr.[2]

Career highlights[edit]

Inusa eventually embarked on a solo career embracing House music as his preferred performance genre. In 2006, he recorded the club single, Morning Light, with its Chillout version selling a million copies in the world-famous Café del Mar collection (volume 9).

From 2006 to 2010 Inusa recorded his most popular tracks Rumours (Digi Digi),[3] Rub-A-Dub Girl, Down Down Down, and We Want More.

Inusa's track, "I Don't Know" (with Astero) was included on the album, VA Mega Dance Party: Hits of the Year, 2011 (Dance, Club category).[4]

In 2012, the U.S.-based company, Hip Video Promotions, is officially promoting Inusa's summer hit, "Satisfaction" for nationwide exposure and rotation.[5]

Career accomplishments[edit]

Inusa is a collaborative artist, having enjoyed collaborations and support for his recordings from some of the biggest House giants like Erick Morillo, Paul Oakenfold, and radio rotations worldwide.

For 2009–10, Inusa was acknowledged as "Russia's Most Successful Foreign Artist", where to-date his single Rumours (Digi Digi) has received an excess of over a million radio plays, beating a stream of fellow foreign artists in a category that included Lady Gaga and David Guetta.[6]

Inusa Dawuda's work is released on recording labels from BMG to Universal Music, Pacha Recordings, Tiger Records-Kontor Records, Hed Kandi and Kingdom of Music.[7] He performs primarily in Germany, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Albania and other Scandinavian countries. Inusa's music is also renowned in other countries like Croatia, Italy, France and the UK, where his tracks often appear in playlists and club charts.

His 2011 releases I Don't Know, Now or Never and Walking on Sunshine continue to be popular tunes across the club and video scene. Dawuda's 2012 release, "Let's Do It" was a collaborative release from the UK label, Champion Records.[8] His summer 2012 release, Satisfaction, was in collaboration with Khetama and EES.[9]

Inusa Dawuda has also recorded in the lounge and chillout genres with some of his house tracks like Morning Light and You Are covered to cross-over as ballads. Lounge instrumentals like Reflections, Waterfalls, Nubian Memories, and African Nights, showcase Inusa's work as a vocalist, saxophonist, percussionist, and performer.

Inusa's single, "You Belong to the City (Niels Van Gogh Dub Mix)" (with Choc Choc Zoo), appears on the Best of Dance Music 2012 album.[10]

For early 2013, Dawuda released "Hey Mr. DJ" which became a European hit, while his 2011 album "I Feel Beautiful" gained renewed recognition in the United States.[11]

On 20 May 2013, Inusa's track, "Disco Flight", a collaboration with renowned House DJs Max Creative and DJ Beavis, reached the No. 2 slot on the Kings of Spins Top 20 club tracks list.[12]


Inusa was a guest performer at the Gala Show of the Queen of Ukraine Pageant in 2010.[13]

In 2011, Inusa appeared in Nigar Jamal's debut video, "Crush on You."[14]

Personal life[edit]

Inusa Dawuda currently resides in Hamburg, Germany.

Discography – House / Dance / Reggae / Afro /[edit]

Track Year Collaborator Label
"Disco Flight" 2013 Max Creative & DJ Beavis feat. Inusa Dawuda Kingdom of Music
"Hey Mr. DJ" 2013 Inusa Dawuda & Violet Masters Kingdom of Music
"In Music" 2012 Inusa Dawuda feat. Violet Masters Kingdom of Music
"Let's Do It" 2012 Mr. Groove & Vergas feat. ChampionRecordsUK
"Satisfaction" 2012 Khetama feat. EES Kingdom of Music
"What's Wrong" 2012 Bryan Bax Kingdom of Music
"You Belong to the City" 2012 Choc Choc Zoo Need4Music
"Walking on Sunshine" 2011 Magnetix Project Kingdom of Music
"You Are" 2011 DJ STJ Kingdom of Music
"I Don't Know" 2011 Astero Kingdom of Records
"All I Want" 2011 Impact Kingdom of Music
"I Feel Beautiful" 2011 Various Kingdom of Music
"Now or Never" 2011 DJ Salah GaGa Records
"I Want Your Sax" 2011 Inusa Dawuda F & S Records
"We Want More" 2010 DJ Chick Kingdom of Music
"She Danced" 2010 DJ Chick Pacha Recordings
"Believe" 2010 Inusa Dawuda. Difruta Music
"Deep Down" 2010 Chris Montana Project feat. S2G
"Down Down Down" 2009 No Tone feat. Molto Records' Records
"Believe" 2009 Inusa Dawuda. Hed Kandi
"If You Believe" 2009 Slin Project feat. Join Hands Records
"Rub-A-Dub Girl" 2008 Whizzkids feat. Kontor Records / Tiger Records
"Going Back to mMy Roots" 2008 Big World & Denise The Menace feat SubliminalRecords
"Children of the Night" 2008 Sebastian courtier feat. Molto Records
"Life Is Love" 2007 No Tone feat. Molto Records' Records
"Rumours (Digi Digi)" 2006 Whizzkids Kontor Records / Tiger Records
"Dance 4 Your Life" 2005 Jay feat. Attractive
"Get Up (And Rock Da House)" 2004 Rhythm Divine Project feat. Royal Flush Records
"Morning Light" 2001 Swen G feat. BMG / Clubland

Discography – lounge / chillout[edit]

Album Year Track Featured Collaboration
n/a 2010 Morning Light with Mr. Swen G The Best Songs of Ibiza, 1 (2010)
"DayDreams" (re-released 2011) 2009 Daydreams
2009 Reflections
2009 Autumn Winds
2009 Waterfalls
2009 Questions
2009 Runaway Horses
2009 On the Beach
2009 African Nights
"Global Player" 2008 Making Love
2008 Dreamily
2008 You Are The Only One
2008 Global Player
2008 Space Child's Lullaby
2008 Nubian Memories
n/a 2006 Life Train (Right in a Train) Ibiza Chill Sensation, Vol. 1

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