Invasion (1966 film)

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"Invasion" (1966 film).jpg
Original British 1-sheet poster
Directed by Alan Bridges
Produced by Jack Greenwood
Written by Roger Marshall
Based on a story by Robert Holmes
Starring Edward Judd
Yoko Tani
Music by Bernard Ebbinghouse
Cinematography James Wilson
Edited by Derek Holding
Distributed by Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors (UK)
Release date
Running time
82 min.
Country United Kingdom

Invasion is a 1966 low-budget British sci-fi film, directed by Alan Bridges for producer Jack Greenwood of Merton Park Studios.[1]

The film was written by Roger Marshall from a storyline by Robert Holmes. Holmes later re-used elements of his storyline in a 1970 Doctor Who serial entitled Spearhead from Space, which introduced Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.[2]


It tells the story of an alien spacecraft which crash-lands on Earth, near a secluded hospital in the Home counties. The aliens, who are humanoid and resemble Asians, are taken to a rural hospital where they cause a forcefield to be raised around the building.[3]

Critical reception[edit]

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction praises Alan Bridges' direction, saying that he "creates a powerfully strange atmosphere despite a very small budget."[4]


The film was theatrically released by Anglo-Amalgamated in the UK, and by American International Pictures in the United States.

A very brief video release by Warner Home Video was available in the UK in 1992.

A DVD version was re-released in November 2014 by Networkonair.[5]



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