Invasion Roswell

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Invasion Roswell
Written by
Directed byDavid Flores
Music by
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
CinematographyLorenzo Senatore
Editor(s)Cameron Hallenbeck
Running time80 mins
Production company(s)UFO International Productions
Original release
  • 2013 (2013)

Invasion Roswell (also known as The Last Invasion and The Exterminators) is a 2013 action, science-fiction television film directed by David Flores and starring Greg Evigan and Denise Crosby.


In 1947 a UFO was shot down in Roswell. Since then the US army have been training commandos called the Exterminators to defend earth in the event of an alien invasion, however after almost 70 years with no Alien events the Exterminators are retired.

But suddenly the aliens, originating from Alpha Draconis, return positioning spaceships above major cities around the world including Badaling, London, Paris, Manhattan and Roswell, New Mexico.

An alien lands in Roswell, a drunk man spots him, and the alien decapitates him with a single shot from a gun on its arm. The USAF send fighter jets to attack the motherships, but their missiles have no effect, and the jets are destroyed by alien fighter ships.

In Colorado Patrick, an ex-member of the Exterminators, and his wife are attacked by the aliens. The aliens are after a small chip that Patrick has. He manages to kill one of the aliens but a spaceship blows up his house killing his wife.

Patrick decides to get the Exterminators team back together. He finds George, another ex-member of the Exterminators. George claims to have been abducted by the aliens, which seems to have driven him mad. They find James another ex-member of the Exterminators in Albuquerque, New Mexico. James has stashed guns for them to use. They then go to Ruidoso, New Mexico to recruit David back into the Exterminators.

Back in Roswell troops are deployed to the ground. A squad of navy seals find an alien, who they shoot at but it is protected by an energy shield. It then shoots back and kills them all. The Exterminators arrive in Colorado to find Linda, who they also recruit back into the team.

The alien spaceships start firing at the major cities, destroying Moscow and Paris.

The Exterminators arrive at their old training ground in Area 51, and find Burkis who was their manager. Burkis reluctantly reinstates them and they are deployed to Roswell.

They are instructed to capture an alien. As they get close to the alien George seems to be affected by its presence, due to alien implants that were put in his brain when he was abducted. They kill the alien with a high tech explosive. They find the aliens have tapped into the fiber-optic internet network, to intercept and disrupt military communications.

They take the alien body back to Area 51 for examination. Burkis shows the Exterminators the UFO from 1947 which has been kept in Area 51. The aliens continue to attack major cities destroying Washington DC. A spaceship attacks Area 51, the Exterminators pilot fighter jets to attack the alien fighter ships. However their missiles are ineffective as the fighters are protected with energy shields. They manage to destroy the fighter ships by making them fly into each other. Patrick’s jet is damaged so he ejects himself and lands safely.

An alien ship lands outside Area 51. The Exterminators prepare for an attack, using the arm cannon from the Aliens body against the invading aliens. They manage to stop the aliens initial attack. James is stabbed by an Alien, but he takes a serum which allows him to survive the pain and gives him super-human endurance. He attacks the alien beating it to death.

The Exterminators theorize, that destroying the mother ship will break the aliens neutral network neutralizing them all. They have to get inside the mother ship and detonate a bomb to destroy it. They use the old 1947 UFO, to fly to the mother ship, with Linda and James staying behind to protect Area 51. The serum starts to take over James’s body, turning him into one of the aliens. He kills the remaining aliens and then turns on Linda, so Linda has to kill him.

George lands the UFO inside the mother ship, which bypasses the shields as the aliens think it is their own ship. Patrick, George and David go into the ship to plant the bomb. David stays behind to protect the bomb, as George and Patrick escape in the UFO. The bomb explodes destroying the mother ship and the Aliens neural network. All the remaining alien ships lose power and crash land on the Earth.


  • Greg Evigan as Patrick, a member of the Exterminators from Colorado
  • Denise Crosby as Linda, also a member of the Exterminators from Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Daniel Hugh Kelly as David, also member of the Exterminators from Ruidoso, New Mexico
  • Stephen Billington as Burkis, manager of the Exterminators team
  • John H. Francis as George, also member of the Exterminators from Colorado
  • Clarence Smith as James also known as "Tweetie", also a member of the Exterminators from Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Marianne Stanicheva as Katherine, Patrick's wife


Radio Times gave the film 2 out of 5.[1]


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