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Invasionen, playing as the Lost Patrol Band, live in Le Pub, Newport, 6th June 2007.
Background information
Origin Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden
Genres Punk rock, Power pop
Years active 1999–present
Labels Ny Våg
Burning Heart Records
Associated acts Refused
The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Members Dennis Lyxzén
Sara Almgren
Anders Stenberg
André Sandström
Richard Österman
Past members Jonas Lidström
Stefan Granerg
Daniel Berglund
David Sandström
Lisa Miskovsky
Robert Pettersson

INVSN (formerly Invasionen and before that The Lost Patrol Band) is the music project of Swedish Punk rock musician Dennis Lyxzén. In contrast to his other projects, Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy, this started out as a solo career and much more folkish and softer than his prior music endeavors. The band was previously called the Lost Patrol Band; however, the name was changed because the American group, The Lost Patrol holds the North American trademark on the name. As the name changed, the band started to write music in Swedish.

In 1999, Lyxzén put together a release titled "Songs in the Key of Resistance" which was written in the political vein that Lyxzén's fans best know him for. The album received mixed reactions. Critics often blasted the album for straying from its creator's punk roots, while others were impressed by Lyxzén's ability to diversify his musical output.

The Lost Patrol returned in 2003 with "Songs about Running Away". According to Lyxzén, the album had been supposed to be just as subversive and political as his previous album, yet due to relationship problems, it ended up being an emotional outburst. Guests such as David Sandström (Refused), Stefan Granberg (Randy) and Lisa Miskovsky helped to make this album one of Lyxzén's most experimental.

In 2005, Burning Heart Records reported that The Lost Patrol has grown from Lyxzén's solo project into a full-fledged band. This is reflected in the title of the 2005 album The Lost Patrol Band. The album also represents a further change in style, this time encompassing the upbeat sounds of 1970s/'80s punk and power pop. In 2013 the group signed to Razor & Tie and changed their name to INVSN.



As the Lost Patrol Band:

  • Songs In The Key Of Resistance (1999) Startracks Records
  • Songs About Running Away (2003) Burning Heart / Epitaph
  • The Lost Patrol Band (2005) Ny Våg / Burning Heart / Epitaph
  • Automatic (2006) Ny Våg / Burning Heart / Epitaph

As Invasionen:

  • Hela Världen Brinner (2010) Ny Våg
  • Saker Som Jag Sagt Till Natten (2011) SONY Music

Singles (as the Lost Patrol Band)[edit]

  • s/t (1999) Her Magic Field
  • Alright (2003) Burning Heart / Epitaph

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