Inveni David, WAB 19

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Inveni David
Motet by Anton Bruckner
Kempele Church Paintings 2006 07 24.JPG
Anointment of David, Old Church of Kempele
KeyF minor
CatalogueWAB 19
TextPsalms 89:20-21
Composed21 April 1868 (1868-04-21): Linz
DedicationLiedertafel Frohsinn
Published1932 (1932): Regensburg
VocalTTBB choir
Instrumental4 trombones

Inveni David (I have found David), WAB 19, is a sacred motet composed by Anton Bruckner in 1868.


Bruckner composed the motet on 21 April 1868 at the end of his stay in Linz. He wrote it for the 24th anniversary of the Liedertafel Frohsinn. The first performance occurred on 10 May 1868 as offertory of a mass of Antonio Lotti.[1][2]

The manuscript is archived at the Linzer Singakademie (Frohsinn-archive).[3] The motet was first published in band III/2, pp. 239-244 of the Göllerich/Auer biography.[1] It is put in Band XXI/23 of the Gesamtausgabe.[4]


The text is taken from Psalm 89 (Psalms 89:20-21).

Inveni David servum meum,
oleo sancto meo unxi eum.
Manus enim mea auxiliabitur ei
et brachium meum confortabit eum.

I have found David, my servant;
I have anointed him with my holy oil.
For my hand shall aid him
and my arm shall strengthen him.
Alleluia. [5]

The work is a setting of 46 bars in F minor for TTBB choir and 4 trombones.[1]

The last 16 bars consist of an Alleluja, for which Bruckner drew his inspiration from the Hallelujah of Händel's Messiah, on which he often improvised on the organ.[1]

Selected discography[edit]

The first recording occurred in 1959:

  • Martin Koekelkoren, Mastreechter Staar, Royal Male Choir Mastreechter Staar – 45 rpm: Philips 402 155 NE

A selection among the about 15 recordings of the work:

  • Joachim Martini, Junge Kantorei, Geistliche Chormusik der Romantik – LP: Schwarzwald MPS 13004, 1970
  • Martin Flämig, Dresdner Kreuzchor, Ave Maria – Anton Bruckner: Geistliche Chöre-Motets – CD: Capriccio 10 081, 1985
  • Hans-Christoph Rademann, NDR Chor Hamburg, Anton Bruckner: Ave Maria – CD: Carus 83.151, 2000
  • Dan-Olof Stenlund, Malmö Kammarkör, Bruckner: Ausgewählte Werke - CD: Malmö Kammarkör MKKCD 051, 2004
  • Michael Stenov, Cantores Carmeli, Benefizkonzert Karmelitenkirche Linz - CD/DVD issued by the choir, 2006, and on YouTube.[6]
  • Thomas Kerbl, Männerchorvereinigung Bruckner 08, Anton Bruckner, Männerchöre – CD: LIVA027, 2008


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