Inverleigh Football Club

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Inverleigh Football Club logo.png
Full name Inverleigh Football Club
Former name(s) Leigh Districts Football Club
Nickname(s) Hawks
Club details
Founded 1970
Dissolved 1995
2002 (re-formed)
Colours      Brown      Gold
Competition Geelong & District Football League
President Rick McEwan[1]
Coach Mark McDowell[2]
Premierships 1923, 1927, 1961, 1992
Ground(s) Inverleigh Recreation Reserve
Other information
Official website
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The Inverleigh Football Netball Club is an Australian rules football club which has competed in the Geelong DFL since its re-formation in 2002.[3] They are based in the Victorian town of Inverleigh. From 1970 to 1995, the Leigh Districts Football Club operated, also known as the Hawks.

Inverleigh reformed and joined the Geelong DFL in 2002 after being in recess for six years. Formed in 1970, the Leigh Districts Football Club played in the Leigh District Football Association (1914–192), Powlett River District Football Association (1926), Matheson Trophy (1927–1935), Geelong Sub-District Football League (1936), Elliot Cup (1938–1952) and finally the Geelong & District Football League (1954-1995).[4] The money spent by the club to acquire the players needed to win the 1992 premiership left the club broke, which resulting in the folding of the team prior to the 1996 football season.[5]

The club reformed in 2002, now known as the Inverleigh Football Club. Initially, the club struggled to gain admission to the Geelong & District Football League. The club had to have at least 70 registered footballers, as well as field a netball team (despite the town not having any netball courts). [5] In the 2016 season, Inverleigh finished third of twelve teams.[6]


Leigh Districts Football Club[edit]

League Total flags Premiership year(s)
Leigh District Football Association 1 1923
Mathieson Trophy 1 1927
Geelong & District Football League 2 1961, 1992

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