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Inveruglas Isle (Scottish Gaelic: "Innis Inbhir Dhughlais") is a small island within Loch Lomond, and lies off the shore at Inveruglas opposite Inversnaid at the north end of the loch. It is opposite the Loch Sloy powerstation.[1]

The name Inbhir Dhu(bh)ghlais means "mouth of the black stream"; Inveruglas Isle is therefore, quite literally, the island at the mouth of the black stream.

The island houses the ruins of a castle which was once home to the chiefs of the Clan MacFarlane, destroyed in the seventeenth century by Oliver Cromwell's Roundhead troops.[1][1]


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Coordinates: 56°14′56″N 4°42′32″W / 56.24893°N 4.708886°W / 56.24893; -4.708886