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Invest Hong Kong (Chinese: 投資推廣署) is the department of the Hong Kong SAR Government responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, supporting overseas, Mainland and Taiwanese businesses to set up and expand in Hong Kong. The department provides free advice and customised services to help businesses succeed in the city's economy. Founded on July 1st 2000, its mission is to confirm and strengthen Hong Kong as Asia's leading international business center and to attract economically and strategically important investment. Its first Director General was Michael Rowse.

The Investment Officers are organized into eight specialist sector teams covering Hong Kong's four pillar industries and six new growth sectors: Business & Professional Services; Consumer Products; Creative Industries; Financial Services; Information & Communications Technology; Innovation & Technology, Tourism & Hospitality and Transport & Industrial.

Partnering with clients on a long-term basis, InvestHK's sector-specific teams provide services which include:

  • Information on Hong Kong's business environment
  • Introductions to business contacts and service providers
  • Arrangement of visit programs
  • Business support facilitation
  • Public relations services during the launch or expansion of clients' Hong Kong businesses
  • Advice on relocations to Hong Kong – housing, schooling, healthcare, social and business networking

InvestHK is headed by the Director-General of Investment Promotion - Simon Galpin who reports to the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development.


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