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Investopedia, LLC.
Type of site
Finance and Investing
Available in English
Headquarters New York City, New York
Owner IAC
Alexa rank 760 (December 2016)[1]
Registration None
Launched June 1999

Investopedia is a privately owned for-profit American website that focuses much of its content on investing education and financial news. Its operations were managed by its CEO, David Siegel starting in 2015.[2][3]

The company is headquartered in New York City, and was started by Cory Janssen and Cory Wagner in June 1999.[4] In 2007, the site was purchased by U.S. publishing company Forbes, who subsequently sold it to ValueClick in 2010 for $42 million.[5] In November 2013, ValueClick sold its media properties (Investopedia and PriceRunner) to IAC.[6] Goldman Sachs called the IAC acquisition "a bargain" at $80 million.[7]

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