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Investors Mutual
Private company
IndustryMutual fund
FoundedMay 1998 (1998-05)
FounderAnton Tagliaferro
Key people
  • Anton Tagliaferro, Hugh Giddy, Simon Conn
Number of employees
30+ (2015)

Investors Mutual Limited (IML) is an Australian asset management limited company, established by Anton Tagliaferro[1] in May 1998. The company specialises in Australian equities and serves both retail and institutional investors by applying a conservative value-based investment style with a long-term focus.[2] As at December 2019, the company had over $9  billion in funds under management[3] and its flagship and largest fund is the $2.6  billion IML Australian Share Fund.


In May 1998 and after many years successfully managing money at Perpetual,County Natwest and BNP, Anton Tagliaferro established Investors Mutual Limited as a specialist Australian equities manager, based in Sydney.

In October 2017, Natixis Global Asset Management acquired 50% of IML.[4]


Currently IML has seven funds available to invest in directly, or through many leading Master Trust and Wrap services.

In June 1998, IML launched two funds, the Australian Share Fund[5] and Australian Smaller Companies Fund with two more funds launched in May 2002, the All Industrials Share Fund and the mid-cap Future Leaders Fund.

In December 1999, IML partnered with a subsidiary of Bendigo Bank, Sandhurst Trustees Limited:[6] IML manages exclusively, under a long-term investment management agreement, the retail Sandhurst Industrial Share Fund and Sandhurst Future Leaders Fund, offered to investors by Sandhurst Trustees.

In November 2004, IML launched a diversified equity fund, the Value & Income Fund, whose international component was managed by Global Value Investors, a special international equities manager.

In February 2007, IML launched a new fund, the Small Cap Fund, through which investors were provided with a conservative investment vehicle to access Small Cap companies in Australian and New Zealand markets.

In September 2010 IML launched the IML Concentrated Australian Share Fund, a large cap offering with a more concentrated portfolio, managed by Hugh Giddy.

In January 2011 the Value & Income Fund was relaunched as the IML Equity Income Fund, an actively managed portfolio of high-yielding shares, hybrids and options aiming to provide quarterly tax effective income.

On 22 August 2014, IML established QV Equities Limited ASX code: QVE), a listed investment company whose primary objective is to give investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified, carefully selected portfolio of quality entities outside of the S&P/ASX 20 Index.[7] Anton Tagliaferro from Investors Mutual sits on the Board of QVE and together with Simon Conn is responsible for investing QVE's portfolio. The initial IPO in August 2014 raised just over $180 million, with the subsequent exercise of options in March 2015 as well as a capital raising in 2017 and capital growth of the portfolio now taking the size of the QVE portfolio to over $300 million.


IML is one of the most highly awarded fund managers in Australia ,having won many awards since its inception in 1998, as shown below:

  • 2017 The AFM Golden Calf Award – IML Small Cap Fund[8]
  • 2017 Morningstar Award – Domestic Small Cap Equities[9]
  • 2015 Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards – Australian Large & Small Cap Shares[10]
  • 2015 Morningstar Award – Domestic Equities[11]
  • 2012 The AFM Australian Equities Large Award[12]
  • 2012 Money Management/Lonsec Fund Manager of the Year – Australian Equities Broad Cap[13]
  • 2012 Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards – Australian Large Cap Shares[14]
  • 2012 Morningstar Award – Domestic Equities[15]
  • 2009 Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards – Australian Small Cap Shares[10]
  • 2008 Morningstar Award – Domestic Small Cap Equities[16]
  • 2007 AFM Hall of Fame Award – Anton Tagliaferro
  • 2003 Personal Investor Emerging Companies Fund Manager of the Year[10]
  • 2003 Personal Investor Finalist Fund Manager of the Year 2003[10]
  • 2003 Personal Investor Finalist Australian Share Fund of the Year 2003[10]
  • 2003 Money Management/ASSIRT Fund Manager of the Year – Rising Star Award[10]
  • 2002 Morningstar Emerging Australian Equities Fund Manager of the Year[10]
  • 2002 Money Management/ASSIRT Fund Manager of the Year – Australian Equities[10]
  • 2002 The AFM Golden Calf Award – IML Australian Share Fund[10]


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