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FounderAnup K. Ghosh
United States
Key people
SubsidiariesTwo Six Labs

Invincea is a suite of endpoint protection products formerly sold by Sophos.[1] Invincea, Inc., originally Secure Command, LLC, was a venture backed software company that provided malware threat detection, prevention, and pre-breach forensic intelligence.[2] It was acquired by Sophos in 2017,[3][4][5] and Sophos ended the immediate end of sale for all Invincia products in April 2018.[1]


Founded in 2006, by Anup Ghosh, the company is headquartered Fairfax, Virginia. Major investors include Dell Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures, Grotech Ventures, Aeris Capital & Harbert Venture Partners.[6]

In 2012, Invincea used a $21 million grant from DARPA to improve the security of the US military's Android-based devices such as tablet PCs and smart phones. The Invincea software secures data from unauthorized access and protects the device from malicious applications.[7]

In June 2013, Dell announced an OEM partnership with Invincea and began shipping a new endpoint security solution dubbed “Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace” on all of its commercial tablets and PCs worldwide.[8][9]

In December 2013, Invincea acquired Sandboxie for an undisclosed amount. Sandboxie is a pioneer in the Windows Containment and sandboxing market, making it a logical addition to Invincea’s technology portfolio.[10]

In May 2016, Invincea launched X by Invincea. X protects endpoints by detecting and blocking known and unknown malware—without signatures in real-time. X combines deep learning, which is an advanced form of machine learning, behavioral analysis and isolation technology in one lightweight agent.[9] These technologies work together to provide better threat prevention without any negative impact on the workforce. The technology is built based on years of co-development with DARPA. Using this technology, X can determine if a file is malicious, even if that file has never been seen before. X also provides needed visibility to security teams without overwhelming them with data or requiring additional resources.[citation needed]

In February 2017, Invincea was acquired by Sophos,[3][4][5] a security software and hardware company. In August of that year, subsidiary Invincea Labs was renamed Two Six Labs.[11]

In January 2018, Sophos announced that Invincea would be integrated with its Intercept X end-point security product[12] and, on April 16, 2018, they announced the immediate end of sale for all Invincea-branded products. Support and maintenance will be available under existing contracts through December 31st, 2019, at which point support and maintenance for Invincea products will cease.[13]

On April 16, 2018, Sophos announced that they would no longer be selling any Invincea-related products, although they would continue to support existing sales through the end of 2019.[1]


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