Invisible Men

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Invisible Men
Anthony Phillips Band - Invisible Men.jpg
Studio album by Anthony Phillips
Released 1983 (US), 1984 (UK)
Recorded 1982-83
Genre Progressive rock
Electronic music
Label Passport Records (US)
Virgin Records
Voiceprint Records
Street Tunes Records
Producer Anthony Phillips
Richard Scott
Richard Vallis
Anthony Phillips chronology
Private Parts and Pieces IV: A Catch at the Tables1984
Private Parts and Pieces III: Antiques
(1982)Private Parts and Pieces III: Antiques1982
Invisible Men
Private Parts and Pieces IV: A Catch at the Tables
Alternative cover
Original UK cover.
Original UK cover.
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

Invisible Men is an album by Anthony Phillips released in March, 1984. It was originally packaged not as a solo album but as a duo project. The other member of the duo was Richard Scott who co-wrote most songs, sang a few of the lead vocals and programmed a drum machine.

This album features a political angle due to the 1982 Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom. During the conflict an Exocet missile struck a British warship and killed 20 crew members. Also an Argentine musician friend of Ant's (Quiqué Berro) had to leave the United Kingdom. The track 'Exocet' and 'The Women Were Watching' illustrate Anthony's anger over the conflict and how it affected his friend. The ending of 'Exocet'; featuring a fragment of a Falklands war report was actually a recording error but Ant kept it in; it makes a dramatic impression even now. Indeed, "Exocet" was deemed a little too political even to be on the original UK issue of the album but was on the American issue.

As the sleeve notes on the 1996 Blueprint BP211CD issue state "The running order has been switched to that of the originally intended one"

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Golden Bodies" (Phillips, Richard Scott) - 3:16
  2. "The Women Were Watching" (Phillips, Scott) - 4:46
  3. "Traces" (Phillips, Scott) - 4:49
  4. "Exocet" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:19
  5. "Love In A Hot Air Balloon" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:42
  6. "Going For Broke" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:30
  7. "Falling For Love" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:33
  8. "Sally" (Phillips) - 3:53
  9. "I Want Your Heart" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:51
  10. "Guru" (Phillips) - 4:42
  11. "It's Not Easy" (Phillips) - 4:47
  12. "My Time Has Come" (Phillips) - 4:46
  13. "Trail Of Tears" (Phillips) - 5:31 (bonus track)
  14. "The Ballad Of Penlee" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:35 (bonus track)
  15. "Alex" (Phillips) - 5:39 (bonus track)

Original LP Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "Sally" (Phillips) - 3:53
  2. "Golden Bodies" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:16
  3. "Going For Broke" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:30
  4. "Exocet" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:19 (US version) / "It's Not Easy" (Phillips) - 4:47 (UK version)*
  5. "Love In A Hot Air Balloon" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:42
  6. "Traces" (Phillips, Scott) - 4:49
Side two
  1. "I Want Your Heart" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:51
  2. "Falling For Love" (Phillips, Scott) - 3:33
  3. "Guru" (Phillips) - 4:42
  4. "The Women Were Watching" (Phillips, Scott) - 4:46
  5. "My Time Has Come" (Phillips) - 4:46


  • Bimbo Acock - brass arrangement, saxophone
  • Martin Drover - trumpet
  • Malcolm Griffiths - trombone
  • Joji Hirota - bell tree, cabasa, cymbals, jawbone, marimba, shaker, tambourine, timpani, wood block
  • Morris Pert - jawbone, kalimba, shaker, tambourine
  • Anthony Phillips - Arp 2600, guitar, 12 String guitar, bass guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, Jupiter 8, polymoog, vocals
  • Richard Scott - choir/chorus, drum machine, electric guitar, piano, Roland TR-808, tubular bells, vocoder, vocals ("Going For Broke," "Falling For Love," "I Want Your Heart" & "The Ballad Of Penlee")
  • Vic Stench - bass, double bass
  • Trevor Vallis - Producer
  • Simon Heyworth - Remastering


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