Invisible Turnover Pass

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The Invisible Turnover Pass is a card trick technique. It is a variation of The Pass where the deck is cut face up losing the bottom card in the middle. Suddenly, the deck is rotated in the performer's hand face up, leaving their card again at the bottom.


When the deck is cut, the right pinkie holds a pinkie break above the original bottom card. After this, the deck is held with the left hand in Biddle grip covering the right side of the deck while the right hand keeps holding it in Mechanic's grip. The right index finger is now curled so that the fingernail touches the bottom card with the deck faced up and the right middle finger makes the break between the halves. With the left hand covering the left part of the deck as before, the index and middle finger are straightened so that the bottom half is now vertical, and as soon as the bottom half is higher than the top half start rotating the deck leaving the bottom half at the top with the deck face up.

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