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Inxight Software
part of SAP AG
Industry computer software
Founded (1997)
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California
Key people
Ian Bonner, President and CEO
Products LinguistX, StarTree, Summarizer, ThingFinder, TableLens, TimeWall
Revenue US$14.6 million (2003)
Number of employees
100 (2005)
Website - (moved to SAP web site)

Inxight Software, Inc. is a software company specializing in visualization, information retrieval and natural language processing. It was bought by Business Objects in 2007; Business Objects was in turn acquired by SAP AG in 2008. Founded in 1997, Inxight is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It was originally spun out of Xerox PARC.


Inxight offers text analysis products in the form of C++ libraries:

  • LinguistX identifies stems, parts of speech, and noun phrases.
  • Summarizer identifies key phrases and key sentences.
  • ThingFinder identifies entities and grammatical patterns, such as "facts", events, relations, and sentiment. This is built on a proprietary pattern-matching language that is compiled into a finite-state transducer.
  • Categorizer matches a document to nodes in a taxonomy hierarchy.

And also visualization products:

  • StarTree, a hierarchical and graph visualization/navigation tool.
  • TableLens, trend visualization tool for large data sets.
  • TimeWall, an event/timeline visualization tool.

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