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  Aicme Beithe   Aicme Muine
Beith Muin
Luis Gort
Fearn nGéadal
Sail Straif
Nion Ruis
  Aicme hÚatha   Aicme Ailme
Uath Ailm
Dair Onn
Tinne Úr
Coll Eadhadh
Ceirt Iodhadh
Ifín Peith

Iodhadh is the Irish name of the twenty-fifth letter of the Ogham alphabet, ᚔ. In Old Irish, the letter name was idad. Its phonetic value is [i].

The original meaning of the letter name is unknown, but it is likely influenced by edad, much like Gothic pairþra, qairþra, together with which it forms the coda of the briatharogaim.

"Iodhadh" is also known by other names such as "Ioho", "Idad" and "Idho". Though there is never any mention of which is the correct name.[1]

The "arboreal" glossators assign ibhar "yew".


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