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Iogen Corporation
Founded 1970s
Founder Patrick Foody Sr.
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Brian Foody, CEO
Products cellulosic ethanol
Number of employees

Iogen Corporation is a Canadian company founded by Patrick Foody Sr. in 1975.[1] Iogen is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The company develops technology for making renewable cellulosic biofuels (also known as second generation biofuels, or advanced biofuel) from agricultural residues and other organic wastes.

Iogen has invested $500 million in research, development and demonstration; and has over 300 patents.[2] Using enzymatic hydrolysis technology, Iogen has produced cellulosic ethanol since 2004.[3]

In 2014, together with their Brazilian partner Raizen Energia, Iogen built a commercial cellulosic ethanol facility adjacent to Raizen’s Costa Pinto sugar mill in Piracicaba, Brazil.[4]

Iogen is also developing new ways to use biogas as a transportation fuel.[5]

Costa Pinto Project[edit]

Brazilian ethanol company Raízen Energia Participacoes S/A, has completed construction of a commercial biomass-to-ethanol facility using Iogen's advanced cellulosic biofuel technology. The US$105 million plant is located adjacent to Raízen’s Costa Pinto sugar cane mill in Piracicaba, São Paulo, and will produce 40 million litres of cellulosic ethanol a year from sugarcane bagasse and straw.

Subsequent to this first facility, Raízen has said it plans to build another seven facilities using Iogen's cellulosic biofuel technology.[6]


2015 – Official launch of the Costa Pinto mill, the first commercial facility employing Iogen’s cellulosic ethanol technology.

2014 – Iogen Corporation and Raízen announce they have begun production of cellulosic ethanol on schedule at Raízen`s sugar cane mill in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil.

2014 – Iogen Corporation announces it has developed and patented a new method to make drop-in cellulosic biofuels from biogas using existing refinery assets and production operations.

2013 – Iogen Corporation sells Iogen Bio-Products, its industrial enzymes business, to Danish enzyme manufacturer Novozymes for $80 million.[7]

2013 – Raízen begins construction of a cellulosic ethanol facility using Iogen technology in Brazil. The facility is located adjacent to Raízen's Costa Pinto mill. Raízen says it plans to expand to eight cellulosic ethanol plants using Iogen's technology.

2012 – Iogen Energy (IE) becomes a 50/50 jointly owned venture between Iogen Corp and Raízen Energia S/A, a $12 billion joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and Brazilian ethanol company Cosan S.A., and enters a research agreement with Raízen focused on commercialization of the Iogen technology in Brazil.

2012 – Iogen cellulosic ethanol production at its Ottawa, Canada demonstration plant tops 2.1 million litres (561,000 gallons).

2010 – Shell and Cosan announce the intent to form a Brazilian joint venture, ultimately named Raízen, which would be the country's leading sugar processor, ethanol producer, and fuels retailer. Shell also announces intent to transfer its holdings in Iogen Energy to Raízen.

2009 – Iogen becomes the first cellulosic biofuel producer to sell its advanced biofuel at a retail service station.[8]

2006 – Goldman Sachs invests $40 million in Iogen.[9]

Fuel Demonstration Events[edit]

  • February 15, 2011 – Iogen Fuels Bentley Supersports World Speed Record on Sheet Ice.[10]
  • July 22, 2010 - Iogen's Cellulosic Ethanol Drives Drayson Racing to Michelin® Green X®. Challenge First Place Finish in American Le Mans Utah Race.[11]
  • March 23, 2010 - Iogen Energy's Cellulosic Ethanol Helps Fuel Drayson Racing in American. Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón.[12]
  • December 8, 2009 - For Third Year Iogen Produces Cellulosic E85 to Fuel 25 Hour Endurance Race.[13]
  • July 31, 2009 - Iogen's cellulosic ethanol fuels fleet at the 2009 Premiers’ Conference in Regina.[14]


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