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Ion is a masculine given name. The name form in English corresponds to two different and unrelated names from different original languages.

The first name is the Greek,Ἴων, Iōn, after the mythical founder of the Ionians; the modern (demotic) Greek equivalent of the name is Ionas. The source of this is the Hebrew Yavan, alternatively transliterated as ι-o-ν (Yut Vav/digamma Nun), with each letter corresponding to its appropriate counterpart.

The second name is the Romanian Ion which is equivalent to the English name John and has the same etymology as "Jon", tracing back the Hebrew name Johanan; Ion can also be a surname in Romanian. Another variant is Ioan. A common diminutive is Ionel. Its female form is Ioana. The surname Ionescu derives from Ion.

Ion as a given name[edit]

Ion as a surname[edit]

  • Barry Ion (born 1941), Australian rules footballer and radio personality
  • Corneliu Ion (born 1951), Romanian sports shooter and 1980 Olympic champion
  • Patrick Ion (born 1942,) English-born American mathematician
  • Viorel Ion (born 1967), Romanian football manager and former player

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