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Ion Cristoiu (Romanian pronunciation: [iˈon krisˈtoju]; born November 16, 1948, Găgești, Vrancea County) is a Romanian journalist. He was editor-in-chief of the daily Evenimentul Zilei during its heyday in the 1990s, when the average daily circulation topped 600,000, making it the most read newspaper in Romania,[1] and one of the most read in Eastern Europe as well.[2] He also founded or played a major role at a number of the weekly publications during that era: Expres, Expres Magazin, and Zig-Zag. All these publications were highly critical of president Ion Iliescu.[1]

He was later an unofficial counselor for president Emil Constantinescu. Cristoiu's early career was dominated by his attachment for the Romanian dictator Ceausescu. His collaboration with the Romanian Securitate was very prolific being decorated by the dictator himself.

Presently, he is the anchor for the TV talk-show "Ultimul cuvant" (The Final Statement) ( sponsored by Elena Udrea for the Romanian private TV station B1TV.


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