Iona Island (British Columbia)

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Iona Island is located almost adjacent to the Vancouver International Airport
Iona Beach Regional Park, Iona Jetty in the distance

Iona Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada was formerly an island, but is now a peninsula physically connected to Sea Island via a causeway and Ferguson Road. Iona is home to a primary sewage treatment plant (located in the middle), an animal refuge and a park (Iona Beach Regional Park). The Iona Sewage Plant is located near the centre of the island and has tours for the public. Iona Beach Regional Park also features a beach adjacent to wildlife from the nearby animal refuge. The park is managed by Metro Vancouver. Iona Island is located almost adjacent to the Vancouver International Airport. The park is mostly visited by birders, as the sewage ponds have attacted many rare shorebirds such as Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Great Knot, and Red-necked Stint.

Beachgoers are advised to avoid the park due to sewage emission at the tip of the Iona South Jetty.


Two jetties stretch out into the Strait of Georgia from Iona Island:

  • Iona Jetty, the south jetty, juts out nearly 4 km (2.5 mi) into the Strait; recreational visitors can walk or cycle on the twin gravel trails atop and beside the large sewage pipe that stretches the length of the jetty.
  • North Arm Jetty, the north jetty, while longer, is not as popular; it is a sandy bar (as opposed to the gravel and concrete structure of Iona Jetty) that stretches towards the northwest, running parallel to the Vancouver shoreline and terminating at the University Endowment Lands, almost directly across from the University of British Columbia campus.

The jetties are owned by the Government of Canada.[1]

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